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Own Your Moment! Public Speaking in the 21st Century

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own your moment book coverAuthor: Jon A. Tanzey

Paperback: 290 pages

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ISBN: 978-1-97507-618-4

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About the Book

‘Own Your Moment! Public Speaking in the 21st Century’ provides thorough instruction and supporting documents and worksheets that will enable you to become a successful public speaker. Author Jon A. Tanzey, Associate Professor of Communication at Tulsa Community College, calls upon his years of experience teaching students and professionals how to engage audiences and be effective public speakers. The instruction is given in simple and easy to follow steps. The book begins with a history of the tradition of public speaking, explains different types of speeches, effective tools for practicing your oratory, how to research your speech, and how to incorporate audio visual aids into your presentations. ‘Own Your Moment!’ will help you to be a well-prepared, masterful speaker.

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