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Catalog Higher Ed Business Finding the Path Through Globalization

Finding the Path Through Globalization

by Dr. Juan Carlos Barrera

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About the Book

Finding the path through globalization is an excellent reading companion for all business courses. It highlights key issues of globalization while fostering critical thinking and discussion of ideas. The structure of this book is ideal to complement formal textbook chapters. Several stories invite the reader to reflect on the issues discussed throughout the book. Its friendly style is intended for all audiences, academic and professional, and for those individuals with a basic understanding of business subjects.

About the Author

Juan Carlos Barrera specializes in international business, business intelligence, and information systems. His international experience in business and academia includes work in Europe, Canada, and Latin America as well as the United States. His multilingual and multicultural skills allow him to build rapport immediately with diverse audiences. Dr. Barrera's research on business and technology has been showcased at Harvard University and Oxford University through a variety of professional affiliations. Dr. Barrera's current professional interests include: big data applications, cloud computing, cybersecurity and cyber-warfare, as well as the internationalization of supply chains and the integration of disruptive technologies into business systems.

Table of Contents

CHAPTER ONE: The Human Experience


Knowledge, Complexity, and Uncertainty

Five Generations in the Human Experience

Learning through Story Telling: At the Movie Theater

Mini Case: Little John Wants a New Life

Discussion Point: Why Knowledge Management is Important to the Success of Your Company


CHAPTER TWO: Exploring the Past


The Network Society

Learning Through Story Telling: A Family Story

Mini Case: Divorce in Modern Times

Discussion Point: Crash Course in . . . Corporate Twitter


CHAPTER THREE: Globalization at Its Best and at Its Worst


The Notion of Globalization

Learning Through Story Telling: Globalization in the Landfills

Mini Case: Food and Civilization

Discussion Point: Signs of Life; Free Exchange


CHAPTER FOUR: Seeing the World in Bubbles


The World in Bubbles

Learning Through Story Telling: When Hard Work Does Not Pay Off

Mini Case: Reflections: An Old Story of a Market Bubble and Its Financial Crisis

Discussion Point: Ethical Business Is Better Business


CHAPTER FIVE: What Troubles the Self—The New Consumer Mind


The New Consumer Mind Is Here

The Deep Web and the Internet of Things

Learning Through Story Telling: Irina Visits the U.S.

Mini Case: Empirical Decisions

Discussion Point: Meet your Consumer in 2015


CHAPTER SIX: Insights on Culture


The Notion of Culture

Insights on Culture

Culture and Business Organizations

Cross Cultural Competence

Learning Through Story Telling: Culture Shock in Central America

Mini Case: The Multicultural Family

One More Story: No More Zelda

Discussion Point: Democracy to the Rescue? Corruption in Latin America


CHAPTER SEVEN: Need for Universal Values


The Need for Universal Values

Why Five Generations Go to Work

Human Sigma: The Hope

Six Sigma Defined

Learning Through Story Telling: Good Morning Coffee

Mini Case: Universal Values—Peace, Freedom, Social Progress, Equal Rights, Human Dignity—Acutely Needed

Discussion Point: Foreigners Are Human Too