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K-12 solutions

XanEdu provides districts and schools with K-12 content solutions, including educational content development, to meet the specific needs of their students.

We work with districts to deliver relevant, customized content that addresses curriculum needs and gaps.

Custom Content LessonLift Create Curriculum and content books Education Publishing
Custom Content

Custom Content

Custom Content is full-service customization that puts districts in charge. We can handle projects at any scale to address a variety of content needs, including those arising from new state mandates or changes to standards, an emphasis on state and local history, or other curriculum gaps.

Our teams of seasoned education experts work to find unique content that complements existing curriculum, including hard-to-find primary sources.

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With Custom Content, you can:
  • Customize content at any scale
  • Address curriculum gaps or new standards
  • Incorporate local history
  • Receive materials in print and/or eReader format
  • Work with a dedicated project management team to achieve your goals
LessonLift Create

LessonLift Create

LessonLift create is a do-it-yourself tool that provides teachers with high-quality, engaging content that complements what they are already teaching.

Select individual content assets or choose from curated collections. Create instant unlimited ebooks or print workbooks locally — all with a few simple clicks.

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With LessonLift Create, you can:
  • Search collections by grade and topic
  • Select curated materials, instructional resources, primary sources, and other unique assets
  • Choose individual assets or topical collections
  • Print your materials, create instant unlimited eBooks, or both
Curriculum and content books

Curriculum and content books

XanEdu partners with many content providers to bring high-quality instructional materials to districts in print or digital formats.

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Our partners for classroom-ready books include:
  • Odell High School Literacy
  • Louisiana Guidebooks
  • OpenStax
  • iCivics
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Education Publishing

Education Publishing Experts

Contain Costs. Save Time. Enhance Business Outcomes.

XanEdu partners with education companies of all shapes and sizes to alleviate the time-consuming activities - and nuances - associated with printed learning materials.

The result: our partners can leverage our expertise and ability to scale, freeing up time to focus on what they do best.

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We deliver the following education, curriculum and business services:
  • Production and Fulfillment
  • Customization
  • Content Development
  • Full Publishing Services
  • Copyright Permissions Management
  • Project Management
  • Sales and Marketing Support

Trusted by districts and schools nationwide

Why districts and schools choose XanEdu


“I knew that introducing a new, engaging resource that integrated local history would bring back interest and passion to the classroom.”

Erin Conklin, K-12 Social Studies Director, Duval County Public Schools

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“Ultimately, this is about equity and growth. What we see when schools are fully implementing XanEdu's custom Guidebooks is that students are more engaged and take more ownership of their learning, which we know are true indicators of success.”

Raquel Darling-Greer, Literacy Advisor for High School, Shelby County Schools


“After I talked to XanEdu, I thought custom curriculum development sounded great... They asked helpful questions, which helped me solidify my vision."

Pam Benton, World Languages Specialist, Pinellas County Schools


“XanEdu Publishing was very easy to work with through the entire process of printing our learn-at-home packets for our K-5 students. The team provided clear information, was easily accessible, addressed questions quickly, and worked through the process to best meet our needs."

Cynthia Compton, Supervisor for Instructional Services, Port Huron Schools


“XanEdu has been a reliable and responsive partner in enabling us to provide... for our students and families."

Greg Runyan, Director of Teaching and Learning, Greenfield Commonwealth Virtual School


"I don't consider myself a techie person, but... I was able to drag and drop hundreds of primary source documents from LessonLift's African American History, Women's History, and US History Collections, to create our district's new Exploring African American History high school electives book."

Laura Wynn, Program Specialist for Secondary Social Sciences, St Johns County School District

Localized Content: Easy Customization

Watch our webinar or download our case study to learn how using local primary sources to connect students to local history can increase engagement.

“I get really excited about these projects. XanEdu made it easy to bring my passion to life. They did the heavy lifting - I gave the XanEdu team my vision, and they worked their magic and delivered!”

-  Erin Conklin, Director K-12 Social Studies, Duval County Public Schools (Ms. Conklin recently worked with XanEdu on primary- and secondary-source student books she created for Duval County Public School’s African American Studies elective.)

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XanEdu Partners

XanEdu partners with many content providers to provide quality K-12 learning materials in print and digital formats.

ELA Guidebooks

English Language Arts curriculum for whole-class instruction.

Odell High School Literacy Program

Instructional units that empower students to question, reflect, and evolve as thinkers.

Odell Texas High School Literacy Program

Units that increase engagement and literacy, with Texas-specific implementation.

OpenStax High School Books

30+ Open Educational Resource (OER) textbooks for math, science, business, history, AP courses, and more. XanEdu is the preferred print partner of OpenStax.


A student workbook and teacher’s guide for integrating civics projects into existing social studies classes.

Great First Eight

A full-day, open educational resource (OER) curriculum being developed for children ages birth through eight years old.


Reading comprehension & writing resources for children entering 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades.

Calico Spanish

Calico Spanish is an introductory Spanish course for children in kindergarten through sixth grade.


LDOE's FIRE (Foundational Instruction for Reading Excellence) provides a systemic reading foundation program for all students in grades 3-5.

XanEdu’s digital reader

XanEdu’s award-winning e-Reader is compatible with any LMS. It’s easy for students of any age to use, and includes features like highlighting, note taking, and text-to-speech.

Ready to learn more?

Talk with our team to learn how XanEdu can address your curriculum needs.
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