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PLEASE NOTE: As of May 14, 2024, the assets of XanEdu Higher Education have been purchased by Kendall Hunt Publishing Company. Please direct all future XanEdu Higher Education inquiries to xanedusupport@kendallhunt.com or (800) 228-0810.

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We’re your campus affordability experts

XanEdu delivers affordable, customizable, and relevant materials that save students money and align with teaching goals. As part of our commitment to educators, we provide highly personalized customer service every step of the way.

Affordable, custom solutions for higher education

Instructors Campus leaders Campus bookstores Campus libraries Students


Our solutions help instructors deliver on their course objectives and achieve better learning outcomes while keeping course materials affordable.

Let XanEdu’s experienced editors help you publish your own course materials, or work with our content development specialists to find low-cost, high-quality materials that align with your teaching objectives.

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With XanEdu, instructors can:
  • Create custom materials that align with course objectives
  • Self-publish custom books and lab manuals
  • Align digital courseware and eReader solutions to their courses
  • Leverage reprinted materials from a variety of sources
  • Keep materials costs low for students
  • Implement an easy-to-use courseware solution that’s tailored to their needs and includes ongoing support
Campus leaders

Campus leaders

Our higher education experts can help you identify and  successfully implement institutional strategies for increasing access to engaging, affordable materials.

We work with administrators and campus leaders to customize course materials in print and digital formats to foster student success while also reducing costs.

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We can help campus leaders:
  • Assess and implement opportunities to bring affordability initiatives to fruition
  • Promote affordability initiatives across campus
  • Offer campus-wide custom content resources 
  • Implement digital initiatives
Campus bookstores

Campus bookstores

Discover a complete campus solution, delivered through your store. XanEdu works with bookstores and educators to customize course materials, which helps control students’ costs. 

As the exclusive provider of XanEdu titles, your campus bookstore will remain the primary resource for course materials on campus.

Additionally, we offer bookstores a 100% return policy for the coursepacks, custom books, and OpenStax textbooks that we provide in print or digital formats.

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Benefits of our bookstore services include:
  • 100% returns
  • Increased sell-through
  • Low-cost printed OpenStax materials
  • Copyright clearance
  • Local printer solutions
Campus libraries

Campus libraries

With our full range of services — content sourcing, editing, publishing, advising on affordability solutions, and more — we meet the ever-changing needs of campus libraries and their communities. 

As experts in custom publishing and the preferred print partner of several content creators, we are ready to work with faculty, librarians, and your campus community to create any type of content.

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We can help libraries
  • Source, edit, and publish content, from custom books to content aggregation
  • Find high-quality, vetted OER materials
  • Drive courseware usage on campus
  • Promote affordability initiatives across campus


XanEdu course materials are designed by faculty to include exactly what students need for their courses — there are no one-size-fits-all books here. 

Students can access the course materials they need in the formats that work best for them — print, eReader, courseware, or a combination — all at affordable price points.

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With XanEdu, students get access to:
  • Custom content aligned to course objectives
  • Affordable print and digital options
  • Award winning eReader
  • Student-centered courseware

Ready to learn more?

Connect with our team to explore how our higher education solutions can support your college or university’s faculty, leadership, bookstore, library, and students.