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Book a Consultation

XanEdu offers bookstores a 100% return policy for the coursepacks, custom books, and OpenStax textbooks that we provide in print or digital formats. The following conditions apply:

  • A credit of the quantity ordered per coursepack, custom book, and OpenStax textbook, up to expected enrollment or approved PO quantity, will be issued up to 6 months after the first day of class. Credit will not be issued for coursepacks, custom books, and OpenStax textbooks where we do not receive the return merchandise authorization (RMA) form or a XanEdu approved return form within 6 months of the first day of class.
  • Credits can only be applied to purchases of materials. No refund checks will be issued for returned materials. Any unused credits within 12 months of the issue date will be forfeited by the customer.
  • The product must be returned to XanEdu for verification. Coursepacks that are in digital access key format (key packages) must be returned in their original shipped condition with the shrink-wrap intact. Front or back covers (with CPID number) may be returned for coursepacks produced and shipped in print-only formats. Custom books and OpenStax textbooks must be returned in their original salable condition to our warehouse.
  • The freight cost to return the product to XanEdu must be prepaid by the distributor and not charged to XanEdu.
  • Whenever possible, all returns for a coursepack (CPID) should be processed with a single RMA and shipment. However, XanEdu will accept up to two returns per CPID per semester/term up to the enrollment or approved PO quantity.
  • XanEdu’s return privileges are a benefit for customers in good standing. If a customer’s rate of returns meaningfully exceeds industry and XanEdu norms, XanEdu will make every effort to work collaboratively to reduce the overage appropriately. If such efforts fail, XanEdu may impose order quantity restrictions, adjust the amount of product that may be returned, charge an administration fee for returns, or make other modifications to this policy for that customer.

Return Procedure 

  • The return merchandise authorization (RMA) request form is available to you by contacting the XanEdu Customer Service Department. Please contact the XanEdu Customer Service Department at 800-218-5971. Note: XanEdu approved returns forms may be used in lieu of the RMA.
  • Complete and submit the return request form via fax or email and wait to receive a return eligibility decision before shipping any coursepack returns to XanEdu.
  • XanEdu will return the RMA form to the distributor with the quantity eligible for return. The return form should be included in the box of returned coursepacks to ensure proper credit.
  • Returned coursepacks are inventoried and then destroyed. Content copyright permissions are only active for a period of six months from the first day of the corresponding class. When the permission period has expired, the product is no longer eligible for sale. For this reason, returned coursepacks deemed ineligible for credit will not be returned to the distributor.
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