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Our Vision & Values

We envision a XanEdu solution in every instructional environment because we believe students succeed when relevant and accessible educational experiences are tailored to their learning communities.

What drives us:

  • Our unwavering belief that effective education can transform lives
  • The boundless dedication of our team
  • The relentless energy of educators and their passion for student success

A Trusted Partner with a Wide Range of Options

By working with college bookstores, university faculty, school administration, and K-12 school districts, millions of students use XanEdu learning materials.

Since 1999 we have provided a wide range of custom options for formatting and creating content, and distributing educational materials—improving the student experience by making it more relevant and affordable.

Whatever your learning needs, XanEdu can help.


Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

In addition to the good work we do for our customers and their students, XanEdu actively works to have a positive influence on the world. Some of the ways we put those words into action:

Annual Food Drives:
Gleaners Food Bank
Feed America

Educational Donations:
United Negro College Fund (UNCF)
Mid-West Education Trust

Environmental Initiatives:
Arbor Day Tree Planting


XanEdu by the Numbers

21 Years in Business
1,800 Organizations Served
1.5  M+ Learners per Year
8 M+ Content Items

What We Offer Our Customers

We quickly adapt to new situations and customer needs.
We work with educators to provide the best learning outcomes for their students.
We treat others honestly and fairly, just how we like to be treated.
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Customer Service
If something doesn't go right, we do our best to fix it right away.
We do what we can to keep the price of education as low as possible.
Icon-Embracing Change
Embracing Change
We find new ways to do what our customers need.

The XanEdu Team

Meet key members of the team bringing you innovative solutions for K-12 and Higher Ed.

Chad Bonney

Chief Executive Officer

Brett Costello

Chief Business Development Officer

Marc Steinberg

Chief Technology Officer

Kevin Woodman

Senior Vice President, Manufacturing and Production

Tom Stevens

Chief Financial Officer

Sharon Norris

Vice President, Human Resources

Rich Foley

Senior Vice President & General Manager of Higher Education

John Carroll

Senior Vice President, Product Development

Melissa Acuña

Vice President, Higher Education Product Strategy and Development

Aaron Meyers

Vice President, Operations

Joyce Mueller

Vice President of Marketing

Jason Plackowski

Vice President, Finance

Hilary Mitchell

Vice President, User Experience and Design

Dave Schroeter

Vice President, K-12 Sales

Jerry Friends

Director of Operations, K-12

Kate Newlin

Director of Operations, Higher Education

Chris Posa

Director of Marketing, K-12

Beth Firenze

Director of Marketing, Higher Education

Caitlin O'Brien

Director of Permissions

Mandy Gagel

Managing Editor, Higher Education and Custom Books

Danielle Aceves

Managing Editor, K-12

Mike Kesson

Director of Print and Fulfillment

Karen Stec

Executive Director of Sales Operations

Mike Kubiak

Higher Education Product Manager

Kelly Wozniak

Production Manager, K-12 Guidebooks

Jim Agostine

Customer Service Manager
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