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Curriculum and content K-12 resources

XanEdu partners with K-12 content creators to bring quality content, in print or digital formats, to school districts and other customers.

XanEdu partners with education companies to alleviate the challenges associated with printed learning materials. We offer publishing and fulfillment services for content creators. We are education publishing experts and we are ready to help you!

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Great First Eight

Great First Eight A groundbreaking, full-day, open educational resource (OER) curriculum for children birth through eight.

Designed for classrooms with a number of children from historically underrepresented racial and ethnic backgrounds, Great First Eight provides children with the education they need to thrive and create a more just and caring society.

Developed by an extraordinary group of renowned researchers, teachers, and other experts, the Great First Eight Curriculum is fully research- and standards-aligned, comprehensive, and strengths-based.


ELA Guidebooks

Louisiana Department of Education’s ELA Guidebooks are made by teachers, for teachers. The guidebook units ensure all students can read, understand, and express their knowledge of complex grade-level texts.

Through this partnership, XanEdu offers a full range of printed materials to support the Louisiana Guidebook ELA curriculum, including:

  • Unit Readers, Student Handouts, and Teacher Guides
  • Continuous Learning Guidebook Companions for distance learning
  • Reference and Curriculum guides

Odell Education

The Odell High School Literacy Program is a Grade 9-12 English Language Arts program that empowers students with the literacy to succeed in college, career, and civic life. The units empower students to evolve as thinkers through self-directed text analyses.

XanEdu was selected by Odell Education to provide districts and schools affordable access to these program materials:

  • Printed Unit Readers
  • Printed Student Materials


ReadWorks is a print-based series of non-fiction, educational articles with reflection writing prompts for children entering 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades.

ReadWorks’ mission is to create high-quality reading instruction tools and supports that make an impact. ReadWorks focuses on the following three pillars of reading comprehension to improve student reading comprehension and overall reading outcomes.

  1. Building Background Knowledge
  2. Growing Vocabularies
  3. Strengthening Strategic Reading

Texas Odell Education

The Odell Texas High School Literacy Program inspires creativity, builds knowledge, and enhances the skills students possess through student-centered and student-led analyses of robust texts and topics. Our instructional units empower students to pose questions, reflect, and evolve as independent thinkers and engaged participants in a learning community. Resources include:

  • Unit Readers
  • Student Materials
  • Teacher Editions
  • Reference Guide


OpenStax textbooks are free and peer-reviewed—the most widely used open education resources worldwide. The catalog includes standard and Advanced Placement courses in 55+ topics, including Algebra, Biology, Chemistry, Government, History, Physics, and more.

As the preferred provider for OpenStax textbooks, XanEdu is excited to offer:

  • Digital textbooks for instant download
  • Most topics available in printed hardcover or paperback


iCivics has created materials that enable educators to seamlessly integrate student-led, non-partisan civics projects into existing social studies classes. They serve valuable lessons for learning key civics concepts.

XanEdu’s partnership with iCivics allows classrooms to flexibly plan and produce written portfolios of student work using:

  • The Teacher’s Guide with lesson plans (in print or digital format)
  • The Student Workbook (in print or digital format)

Calico Spanish

Calico Spanish is an introductory Spanish course for children in kindergarten through sixth grade. The program equips teachers with all the tools they need to create an immersion atmosphere where their students can naturally acquire the Spanish language.

XanEdu is the exclusive partner for print and distribution of Calico Spanish's four activity books consisting of supplemental items to the subscription-based stories program.


Foundational Instruction for Reading Excellence (FIRE) provides a systemic reading foundation program for all students in grades 3-5. Each unit consists of 40 lessons focused on either spelling, grammar, or morphology.

Lessons are organized to provide systematic, explicit instruction in these skills so that students are equipped to read, comprehend, and write about the increasingly complex grade-level texts that anchor their primary ELA instruction.

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