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Catalog Higher Ed Social Sciences Unlocking the Code to Human Resiliency

Unlocking the Code to Human Resiliency

by Dr. Thomas E. Rojo Aubrey and J. Eric Gentry

Building Professional Resiliency Against Burnout, Traumatic Stress, and Compassion Fatigue

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446 pages


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About the Book

'Unlocking The Code to Human Resiliency: Building Professional Resiliency Against Burnout, Traumatic Stress, and Compassion Fatigue' is a groundbreaking book that defines a new paradigm to help professionals mitigate the effects of work-related stress. It presents a never-before-seen look into the neurobiological effects of stress upon professionals in relationship-intense occupations. By developing a comprehensive understanding of human neurophysiology, professionals such as yourself who face stress on a daily basis will be able to push past barriers and find greater success in your careers.

How is this possible, you may ask? The tools in this book allow you to tap into the code to building resiliency and provide you with the keys to unlock your future — a future where you will thrive and flourish despite the highly stressful nature of your career.

Written with a variety of professionals in mind— mental health professionals, healthcare professionals, first responders and other public safety personnel, teachers, peer support specialists, foster parents, and other caring and helping professionals—this book will help to ameliorate the symptoms of work-related stress, burnout, traumatic stress, and compassion fatigue.

Unlocking the Code to Human Resiliency will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to counteract various types of stress. You will learn the techniques to access the code to human resiliency and unlock the door to your professional success. You will also learn how to break down barriers and move past obstacles that work-related stress has placed on your career path. Filled with evidence-based skills, anecdotes, hands-on exercises, and tried-and-true strategies, this book will teach you how to live a less stressful life and build the skills that provide an immunity against stress-related disorders.

Get ready to take your life from one of stress to one of greater success, all by way of Unlocking the Code to Human Resiliency.

About the Author

Dr. Thomas E. Rojo Aubrey, DBH-c, MSC, LAMFT, CMHFA,CCTP, CFTP, CFTPI, is the Director of the Behavioral Health Sciences, Professor and e-Course Supervisor at Glendale Community College's Department of Behavioral Health Sciences (GCC) in Glendale, Arizona. He is also an adjunct professor at Northern Arizona State University.

Dr. J. Eric Genry, PhD, LMHP is the Vice President of the Arizona Trauma Institute. He is a board-certified and internationally recognized leader in the study and treatment of traumatic stress and compassion fatigue.

Those who will find the book helpful include:

  • Mental health professionals
  • Social Service Professionals
  • Healthcare professionals
  • First responders and other public safety personnel (local fire departments, police stations, ambulance, etc.)
  • Hospital staff
  • Teachers
  • Peer support specialists
  • Foster parents and other caring and helping professionals
  • Mental health providers and agencies
  • Anyone dealing with stress, or helping others cope with stress

Reviews / Testimonials


"'Unlocking the Code to Human Resiliency' has helped me to realize that as a provider, I was procrastinating my own well-being. As a mental health professional, I was so primarily concerned for the mental health of my clients/patients that I did not pay attention to my own mental health. This book has great tools and techniques that will help us to better handle our compassion for our clients/patients. It will help any provider to increase their resiliency to improve the quality of their personal lives. Dr. Aubrey and Dr. Gentry are experts in this subject matter. However, it is the human part and their experiences that make this book a perfect source for all kinds of professionals who work in the mental/behavioral health, or any public sector." (Reviewer: Sandra L.)


"I give the textbook 'Unlocking the Code to Human Resiliency' 5 stars. As a textbook, it is well laid out, pointing the student at the beginning of each chapter to the key points to be learned and then summarizing them at the end to drive them home and aid retention. Well written and conclusions supported by respected authorities, it does what you would expect of any good textbook. However, it goes beyond that, presenting not just useful paradigms and theory, but also equipping the students with useful insights rooted in real life experience. It drills down to bedrock, as it were, to solidly rest the recommendations and strategies on fundamental human physiology and psychology, which takes this work far beyond a mere textbook. Unlocking the Code to Human Resiliency is unique in that it merges the academic understanding with real world application. It gives you tools and strategies that are usable in both dealing with high stress environments and in healing trauma (restoring resiliency) that has already occurred. This is not a book you will use in class and then discard after the course is completed; this will be a reference work that you will find yourself going back to time and time again as you deal with personal situations and as you help others." (Reviewer: Joe J.)


"'Unlocking The Code to Human Resiliency' achieves what the title says! This is a book that truly holds key techniques and skills that will help professionals and students mitigate stress and anxiety. As a student who deals with school-related stress, this book in an exceptional tool and has helped me tremendously move past difficult obstacles. Thank you, Dr. Aubrey, for teaching me that ameliorating the symptoms of my stress is indeed possible. I will continue using what I learned as a guide to help me combat school and work-related stress. I would highly recommend this book to individuals who would like to achieve a set of skills that provide immunity to achieve a less stressful life. Dr. Aubrey and Dr. Gentry have written this book in a way that achieves an outcome of rewiring the brain towards key skills of resilience and self-regulation. There are so many valuable hands-on exercises and evidence-based skills in each chapter, it makes it nearly impossible to not put into practice what you learn!" (Reviewer: Shahad K.)


"The book 'Unlocking the Code to Human Resiliency' by Dr. Aubrey has changed my professional and personal life by instilling in me self-care... nurturing myself in many ways, including using the 'wet noodle technique' — letting all my muscles go while also letting all air release from my body to leave oneself loose (like a deflating balloon!) — then 'dropping' my body. In any hectic moment, after two months of mindfully practicing this technique, I no longer respond in the same way to hectic and trying situations. I used to argue, fight, and allow myself to feel overwhelmed in response to adverse situations. Adopting the techniques advised in this book allowed me to maintain my professional efforts while caring for myself and others. Self-care taught me to approach situations with more kindness toward all aspects of my life. I learned that knowledge transfer goes both ways, so I don't feel indebted or 'less than' just because I choose to ask for help in unfamiliar situations. I even used repetition and positive self-talk, along with using mindfulness, when I ate and lost 30 lbs. Dr Aubrey writes that acute relaxation allows one to be intentional and maintain integrity, instead of becoming 'slapdash' disorganized and acting in a way that betrays one's principles. Dr. Aubrey talks about reducing our threat response and using self-regulation to release tension in our bodies, and returning attention to focus. This is exactly what works." (Reviewer: Sarah R.)


"Dr. Thomas Aubrey has created an impeccable book to promote resilience for all. This is an informative, easy-to-read, and translatable approach to understanding how stress and trauma impacts one's ability to be resilient. I really enjoyed how first responders and healthcare professionals are highlighted as we tend to experience a lot of stress working with the public and seldom are encouraged to deal with stress healthily. As a licensed behavioral health professional, I've worked in healthcare and treated first responders with stress-related conditions; yet, really never encouraged to support myself within my occupation. The irony is overwhelming and Dr. Aubrey has found a way to encourage professionals to care for their health both at the work-place and home. The book sheds light on what happens physiologically and psychologically when hit with stress. This develops a deeper understanding of how to control stress when experienced in the body to protect oneself. I've learned a lot of skills to promote resilience and self-care that has benefited my professional and personal development." (Reviewer: Darrina B.)


(Note: The above testimonials have been slightly edited by the publisher for improved readability)