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Catalog Higher Ed Professional and Career Computer Applications and Business Information Systems

Computer Applications and Business Information Systems

by CJ Rhoads

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254 pages


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About the Book

This course text book combines three major topics: information technology terms and concepts, hands-on computer applications (spreadsheets and databases), and basic foundations for managing information systems courses. Designed to be used in a high school or college class where all three topics must be covered in a semester, this book fills the bill where other books usually only cover one of the three topics. More importantly, this book contains hundreds of hands-on assignments and examples that are designed to mimic real life applications of spreadsheets and databases instead of the unfeasible and useless examples often utilized in hands-on textbooks.

About the Author

CJ Rhoads is President and CEO of HPL Consortium, Inc., which develops technology tools to help people connect toward Health, Prosperity, and Leadership. She is also the managing director of HPL 501c3 Institute, which provides those tools to small groups and non-profits at a reduced fee so that they can help underserved populations achieve health, prosperity, and leadership as quickly and as efficiently as possible no matter how much (or little) technical expertise they hold. Rhoads is also a Professor in the College of Business at Kutztown University, where she teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in entrepreneurship and information technology.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Information Technology

Chapter 2: Networking Hardware

Chapter 3: Computer Hardware

Chapter 4: Network: Internet Software

Chapter 5: Networking Software: World Wide Web and Other Internet Applications

Chapter 6: System Software

Chapter 7: Application Software

Chapter 8: Office Software Basics

Chapter 9: Basic Spreadsheet Concepts

Chapter 10: Spreadsheet Analyzing Business Data

Chapter 11: Advanced Spreadsheet Critical Thinking Concepts

Chapter 12: History, Laws, and Types of Business Information Systems

Chapter 13: Roles, Competition, and Ethics of Information Technology

Chapter 14: Managing Information Systems

Discipline: Professional and Career