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Catalog Higher Ed Social Sciences METAMIND: Think and Lead; the connection between being and doing

METAMIND: Think and Lead; the connection between being and doing

by Frank J. Prochaska, Ph.D

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220 pages


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About the Book

This interdisciplinary textbook is not your average read. It is the professor's personal journal on creative leadership. Metamind was written to help people think and lead more clearly in these turbulent times. Through this book, one better understands the mind and human behavior; and examines what stops us from solving problems, from clear thinking, from seeing, from being creative, and from leading.

Metamind takes the reader through a process of designing ways to be more successful to create mind space and design a creative leadership path to help the reader learn and grow...to reflect in the more comprehensive area of our mind called the "metamind" and take action to help others also stretch and grow beyond what is expected or visualized.

Metamind contains current research based on feedback from students and clients collected in classes, seminars, and workshops in the U.S. and Eastern Europe. The mind, according to Dr. Prochaska, often needs to be jolted off of its smooth path for change to happen. When a person is told how to do something there is no jolting. This book stays away from the how-to by design, and sticks more to the jolting.

About the Author

Dr. Prochaska is very active teaching and researching in the creative leadership field. He is Chair of Management-Emeritus at Colorado Technical University, where he has designed cutting-edge programs and taught well over 100 graduate courses since 1982. Frank was an honorarium professor at the University of Colorado for 8 years. In 1998—2000 he was a Fulbright Scholar at the American University in Bulgaria and at the Technical University in Sofia. He is a consultant with his firm Pro Systems International and continues working with multi-national leaders in Central/Eastern Europe. He is a dynamic, stimulating professor.

What the Experts are Saying About this Book

"I have been aware of Frank's innovative courses for many years. His book Metamind is an excellent example of what is needed in universities to help the student think more clearly and discover creative solutions to our complex problems today and in the future."

— Dr. Paul MacCready
Founder and Chairman of the Board of AeroVironment


"I have been teaching college psychology and leadership courses using traditional textbooks for over twenty years. Metamind is not a traditional textbook. In Metamind, Dr. Prochaska takes you on a journey into your soul that makes you a better thinker, leader, and person. It is a distinctive and fascinating journey because Dr. Prochaska uses narratives from his own life as a guide. As your "mental coach," Dr. Prochaska establishes a classical mentor/protege’ relationship that facilitates your encounters with science, design, philosophy, religion, and mental exercises, all aimed at making you a more effective thinker and problem solver. In each of Metamind's "lessons" or "segments," you explore boundaries and constraints that limit your thinking. You also learn mental techniques that break through these constraints, developing the meta-cognitive awareness needed to use your mind more effectively. I have used Metamind in my courses and I have found I can easily adapt it to my own student-centered teaching style."

— Anthony J. Aretz, LtCol, Ph.D.
Professor of Behavioral Science and Leadership
USAF Academy


"He unpuckered my doopa! This is a dangerous book written by a dangerous mind. Just reading it will open up your Pandora's box of creative insight. You will never be the same! I love this book! Frank is not normal! His journal of creative leadership is infectious. While other books are about leadership, this inspires leadership from the inside out."

— Bruce Hanson, Ph.D.
Professor of Management,
Colorado Technical University,
(previously on the faculty of Pepperdine University)