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Catalog Higher Ed Business Financial Accounting Is NOT That Hard!

Financial Accounting Is NOT That Hard!

by Janice L. Cobb, CPA

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ISBN: 978-1-58152-965-4

200 pages


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About the Book

This book will teach you about the language of accounting and finance and how accountants determine reported values. You will be able to read and understand the four financial statements like a professional. Accounting is not math. Accountants add, subtract, multiply and divide using a calculator. Accounting is how companies explain their financial position and the results of operating the business to those outside the company. Students use a general ledger, a cost sheet they prepare, and inventory reports as source data. They learn which data must be used for different analyses, determine which decision the analysis supports, and assist the owner with making good business decisions.

This book makes it easy to understand accounting by using a step by step approach to explain the following:
• The language of business.
• The purpose of each financial statement.
• How the most common types of business transactions are reported on the financial statements.
• How common business transactions change each financial statement.
• Estimates and other issues that affect reported financial information.
• Financial statement analysis used to make investment decisions.

About the Author

Janice Cobb has taught Financial Accounting to undergraduates, MBAs, and executives of major corporations at Texas Christian University for the past fifteen years. She grew tired of seeing the looks of frustration on her students' faces, listened as they told her the things they did not understand, and developed a method of learning financial accounting that is extremely easy to understand. You will understand financial accounting after reading this book.

Table of Contents

• Overview of Financial Statements
• The Balance Sheet
• Things That Change the Balance Sheet
• The Income Statement
• More on the Income Statement
• Revenues and Expenses Change the Balance Sheet
• The Statement of Stockholders' Equity
• The Cash Flow Statement
• Footnotes and Other Information
• Financial Statement Analysis
• Accounting Estimates and Other Things to Consider
• Appendix A: Gathering Data and Preparing the Financial Statements