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Catalog Higher Ed Business Advertising Strategy, 6th Edition

Advertising Strategy, 6th Edition

by Derek D. Rucker

Please Note: 6th Ed. Hardcover version will be available soon. 6th Edition Softcover and digital e-Book formats are available now.

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315 pages


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298 pages


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About the Book

For many brands and organizations, advertising is an essential avenue to build their reputation, communicate value, and encourage product trial. Unfortunately, advertising can be a costly and overwhelming endeavor. Even the mere thought of advertising can be intimidating, which can leave some people feeling stuck on the middle of a road to nowhere. Fortunately, advertising does not have to be this way.

his book guides the reader by offering essential frameworks to navigate the labyrinth of advertising. Specifically, the author focuses on the strategic planning, execution, and evaluation of ads. Incorporating both academic research and business practices, this 6th Edition helps the readers harness strategic frameworks to plan a journey toward success.

Importantly, the author empowers readers to ask the right questions, acquire relevant data, and perform analyses to solve their own problems through strategic thinking and empirical rigor. The end result is that, by following the principles in this book, readers will avoid getting lost on circuitous roads and find themselves on an open highway to success.

About the Author

Dr. Derek D. Rucker is the Sandy & Morton Goldman Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies in Marketing at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. He is the author of over 130 academic works. His research aims to inform advertising effectiveness, consumer behavior and human behavior. His teaching focuses on training and preparing the next generation of "strategists" to guide brands and organizations to success.

Table of Contents

About the Author




  • Chapter 1: The Creative Brief
  • Chapter 2: Setting Objectives
  • Chapter 3: Segmentation and Targeting
  • Chapter 4: Consumer Insights
  • Chapter 5: Paths to Persuasion
  • Chapter 6: Insights about Information Diffusion
  • Chapter 7: Brand Positioning
  • Chapter 8: Sustaining a Brand’s Position
  • Chapter 9: Media Landscape and Channel Selection
  • Chapter 10: Media Planning
  • Chapter 11: Creative Execution
  • Chapter 12: Test and Measurement
  • Chapter 13: Evaluation of Creative Work


Appendix: Client and Agency Roles