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Catalog Higher Ed English and Communication A Practical Approach to Professional Writing

A Practical Approach to Professional Writing

by Douglas W. Brooks

Second Edition

Print Version

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ISBN: 978-1-58152-433-8

244 pages


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About the Book

This book approaches professional writing from a practical point of view. It deals with how to apply the concepts of effective communication in an industrial setting. In order to become a better communicator, it is extremely important that practice and exercise are an integral part of the learning process. Therefore, much of what is offered in this book will culminate in putting that knowledge to the test.

A Practical Approach to Professional Writing primarily deals with necessary communication skills for the technologies, and is geared towards industrial and business application. Emphasis is on the preparation, organization, audience, and the effective use of formats and supplements.

Table of Contents


You Can Be the Best in Your Discipline, but If You Can't Communicate, No One Will Know It But You

Chapter One—The Writing Process

Chapter Two—Editing and Revising

Chapter Three—The Resume and Related Issues

Chapter Four—Producing the Professional Letter

Chapter Five—Writing Descriptions and Analysis

Chapter Six—Instructions, Procedures and Manuals

Chapter Seven—Proposals and Reports

Chapter Eight—Research Methods

Chapter Nine—Additional Considerations

Additional Examples of Professional Documentation