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Catalog Higher Ed Education How to Teach in a Virtual Classroom

How to Teach in a Virtual Classroom

by Fred M. Lang, Ph.D.

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56 pages


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About the Book

How to Teach in a Virtual Classroom is a practical guide for anyone teaching in a virtual classroom. The concepts and ideas presented will dramatically elevate an instructor's teaching skills in this unique environment. These best practices enable you to fine-tune your teaching skills so that you will become comfortable and confident teaching in a virtual classroom environment. Learning institutions will learn what support systems need to be installed to maintain this new revenue stream. A list of instructional best practices will provide you with an easy reference guide as you navigate your instructional duties of teaching virtual classes. Ground-breaking research was conducted by the author with both instructors and students around the world who either have taught or have taken virtual classroom courses.

  • How to create a virtual classroom
  • Enhance your instructor skills for the virtual classroom
  • The critical support systems required
  • Tips that will greatly enhance an instructor's skills in the virtual classroom
  • A list of instructional best practices

About the Author

Dr. Fred Lang has been teaching in both the traditional bricks and mortar classroom and the clicks and mortar online classroom for over twenty years. During those years, he taught a variety of business and leadership courses that spanned the gamut from Global Business Strategies and Strategic Marketing to Management and Leadership Theory. In the early 1990s, he became one of the early pioneers in teaching online or Internet-based courses for the University of Phoenix. He has been teaching the elements of leadership theory exclusively, as part of a university doctoral program in the Internet classroom, since early 2000. He received his Ph.D. from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco in 2000 and his doctoral dissertation was entitled Distance Learning: Designing New Frontiers in Education.