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Catalog Higher Ed Business Finding the Path Through Globalization: Internationalization

Finding the Path Through Globalization: Internationalization

by Dr. Juan Carlos Barrera

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About the Book

Finding the path through globalization is evolving into a series of specialized titles that cover relevant issues in business, technology, and the overall human experience. This volume focuses on internationalization as a continuous process of change and adaptation. Its dynamic nature attempts to highlight critical issues not covered in traditional business literature, such as textbooks or manuals. However, it builds on the knowledge from academic and periodical sources to create the framework for discovery and discussion of new issues of our global landscape. Further, this is an excellent reading companion for all business courses. It covers developing areas of globalization while fostering critical thinking and discussion of ideas. The structure of this book is ideal to complement formal readings from textbook chapters. Several stories invite the reader to reflect on the issues discussed throughout the book. Its friendly style is intended for all audiences, academic and professional, and for those individuals with a basic understanding of business subjects.

About the Author

Juan Carlos Barrera specializes in international business, business intelligence, and information systems. His international experience in business and academia includes work in Europe, Canada, and Latin America as well as the United States. His multilingual and multicultural skills allow him to build rapport immediately with diverse audiences. Dr. Barrera's research on business and technology has been showcased at Harvard University and Oxford University through a variety of professional affiliations. Dr. Barrera's current professional interests include: big data applications, cloud computing, cybersecurity and cyber-warfare, as well as the internationalization of supply chains and the integration of disruptive technologies into business systems.

Table of Contents


The Philosophy of Internationalization Living In An Unprecedented International
Environment Learning Through Story Telling: Live and Learn

Mini Case: "Israel's External Economic and Trade Policy"

Discussion Point: The WTO and the Sustainable Development Goals


The Rising of Unexpected Entities International Organizations International
Or Regional Markets Learning Through Story Telling: Santa's House

Mini Case: "Every silver lining has a cloud, The Trans-Pacific Partnership"

Discussion Point: Cyber-slackers' ethics at the workplace  


Internationalization Process Small Business And New Entrepreneurs Multinationals
At Their Best Learning Through Story Telling: Toula's Choice To Quit Smmoking

Mini Case: "A La Cartel; Food Crime."

Discussion Point: Public Corruption Investigation—Fiscal Year 2016  


Strategic Domain of Internationalization Strategies In The Marketplace Business
Intelligence: Literature Review On Dss Learning Through Story Telling: The Heavy Feather

Mini Case: "Privacy Pragmatism: Focus On Data Use, Not Data Collection."

Discussion Point: Terrorism