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Catalog Higher Ed Social Sciences Understanding Developmental Theory

Understanding Developmental Theory

by Nancy Lockitch Loman, PhD

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75 pages


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About the Book

In this book, the author shares a few of the examples and stories that have resonated with her students to help these subjects come to life for the reader. This book is not a collection of lectures or a condensed textbook, nor is it a guide to parenting or a memoir of her days as a teacher and professor. Rather, it is an attempt to inject humanity and spark into an academically complex subject. Human development through the lifespan has something for everyone: we all learned a language, we all struggled to take our first step, and we all continue to deal with issues of self-esteem and attachment and growing older.

About the Author

Nancy Lockitch Loman teaches Psychology at the California State University, Channel Islands.

Table of Contents


Chapter One: Issues in Development

Chapter Two: Infancy, Piaget, and the Brain

Chapter Three: Infancy: Language

Chapter Four: Infancy: Attachment

Chapter Five: Early Childhood

Chapter Six: Early and Middle Childhood: Parenting

Chapter Seven: Middle Childhood: Cognitive Development

Chapter Eight: Adolescence

Chapter Nine: Early Adulthood

Chapter Ten: Middle Adulthood

Chapter Eleven: Late Adulthood

Chapter Twelve: Death and Dying