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Catalog Higher Ed Social Sciences Theories of Lifespan Development

Theories of Lifespan Development

by Dr. Mary A. Hollingsworth

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191 pages


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About the Book

This workbook provides exploration of the most common theories on human development across a lifespan. It is designed to supplement traditional texts on lifespan development through focus on theories of development that can be applied across multiple stages of life, so that students can use this focus as both a foundation of study and a framework of study for development through all the stages of life.

The first chapter (Part I) provides background on the theories with an outline of workbook contents. Part II provides discussion of the theories organized by focus of development. Part III provides discussion of the areas of development involved in each stage of life. Part IV provides discussion of the lifespan stages with application of the multiple theories to each stage. Part V provides opportunity to blend knowledge and insight into reflections about one's own lifespan development. Part VI facilitates application of this knowledge and insight for personal and professional life. Part VII provides the list of references for the workbook.

Each section and sub-section begins with a chapter to introduce and summarize the contents of that section or subsection. Summarization includes tables to provide an overview of the section or subsection content. Additional exercises and resources are also provided for the focus of the section or subsection. Each chapter on a theory, area of personal development, or lifespan stage is formatted with:

• Background — Discussion on the respective theory or lifespan stage.
• Exercises — Exercises for students to apply concepts of the chapter in real-life situations.
• Case Studies for Lifespan Stages — A case study on an individual for that stage in which cognitive, emotional, moral, physical, and social factors are discussed and the person is discussed in light of the different theories.
• Practice Test Items — Practice test questions that can be to review material or for course tests.
• Additional Resources — Links for websites, videos, articles, and other classroom materials.
• Tips for Instructors —Tips for instructor integration in course work on lifespan development.
• Tips for Students — Tips for student in integration into course study or life application.

About the Author

Dr. Mary A. Hollingsworth is with the Department of Instructional Leadership and Support within the College of Education at University of West Alabama. She has extensive experience as a counselor with populations across the life span, as well as settings of academia, community mental health, and primary health care. Her primary research interests and innovative work have been with counseling and college student work through a paradigm of wellness. Mary Hollingsworth holds her PhD in Counseling Psychology and Health Psychology. In addition to her years of experience teaching in higher education she has 20 years of experience as an officer of the United States Army. She currently teaches students preparing to be school and community mental health counselors.