With over 35 of the nation’s leading Executive MBA programs on board, XanEdu Folio-X is now generally available for all college classes and disciplines.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – March 16, 2011 – ANN ARBOR, MICH. – XanEdu Publishing, Inc. announces general availability of its Folio-X solution. Students and faculty will gain full access to the latest e-learning tools to meet the demands of today’s mobile generation of students. XanEdu is now taking program and faculty orders so that students may begin using Folio-X digital course materials in Fall 2011 classes.

The product rollout is in step with the company’s strategic technology plan that it launched last summer. In October 2010 XanEdu introduced its Folio-X solution to a subset of business schools. Since then, XanEdu Folio-X has been adopted by over 35 of the nation’s leading Executive MBA programs.

“We’re thrilled to see such a great response in such a short period of time, said Tyler Steben, XanEdu’s VP of Publishing.  “Program directors are recognizing the value that it brings to their institutions and now we’re pleased to offer that same value to the entire higher education market.”

XanEdu Folio-X combines the best features from XanEdu’s existing digital product portfolio with new products such as the XanEdu iPad App.  The popular app, which was built with input from over 500 MBA participants, enables students to manage and interact with their digital course materials in the same way that they would with traditional print versions.  Unique features include advanced highlighting and note taking and team collaboration tools that support information sharing within a group or with instructors. Outside of the iPad, students can download enhanced PDF files of their XanEdu course materials onto a laptop or desktop that supports Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Steben adds that “Today’s students have come to expect mobility, interactivity and accessibility both inside and outside the classroom.  XanEdu Folio-X helps meet those demands with benefits that range from saving students time, lightening their backpacks, enabling them to study anytime, anywhere, and providing support for group projects.”

Instructors benefit from an easy and convenient ordering process, collaboration tools, articles from leading publishers, dynamic content like videos, integration with popular learning management systems, an easier renewal process and a variety of delivery models.