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American Association of Teachers of German and XanEdu announce a new second edition of Augenblicke


The American Association of the Teachers of German (AATG) and XanEdu, a custom publishing company working with the higher education and K-12 markets and a part of the Scholarus learning portfolio of companies, have announced the second edition of Augenblicke: German through Film, Media, and Text.

Augenblicke is an innovative and dynamic curriculum for teaching introductory and intermediate German. Based on insights and findings from research in applied linguistics and language pedagogy, and intermingled with many best practices for communicative language teaching approaches and techniques, Augenblicke helps learners develop personally meaningful intercultural communicative competence in German through Intermediate Mid to High (ACTFL) or B1 to lower B2 (CERF).

The program's systematic and contextualized language, culture, and grammar progression is structured around six themes essential to the 21st-century learner. Themes include national identity, multilingualism, technological advancements, citizenship, environmentalism, history, commemorative culture, and artistic representations.

Communication in Augenblicke is usage-driven and consistently framed by the four modes of communication (interpretive, interpersonal, presentational and reflective), which helps center students' attention on the target audience of communicative practices and helps prompt learners to make thoughtful choices regarding their language use.

XanEdu and the authors will attend the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) in Chicago later this year to share Augenblicke's second edition with other teachers of German, and to discuss XanEdu's range of services for publishing customized teaching materials for language teachers and other higher ed faculty.

More information about the second edition of this textbook can be found on the AATG's website (https://www.aatg.org/augenblicke) and ordering information is found at XanEdu's website (https://www.xanedu.com/higher-education/solutions/augenblicke).


The American Association of the Teachers of German (AATG) promotes the study of the German-speaking world in all its linguistic, cultural, and ethnic diversity, and endeavors to prepare students as transnational, transcultural learners and active, multilingual participants in a globalized world. For more information, please visit: https://www.aatg.org/./


XanEdu, Inc. is a provider of educational content and curriculum services for K-12 and higher education. XanEdu spreads the knowledge of innovative content ideas by offering custom development and fulfillment services across K-12 and Higher Education. XanEdu experts partner with educators on each unique project to build and deliver engaging print and digital custom solutions and courseware content that addresses curriculum gaps and key initiatives for K-12 and Higher Education leaders while maintaining our commitment to affordability and accessibility for all learners. XanEdu is part of the Scholarus Learning portfolio of companies headquartered in Livonia, MI. Visit www.xanedu.com or write HigherEd@xanedu.com to learn more.


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