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Lived Places Publishing Partnership with XanEdu

XanEdu and Lived Places Publishing deliver collections to illuminate the experience of social identity in the lived places we share. Collections include Black Women's Experiences, Black Family Experiences, Disability Studies, and Education Studies.

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XanEdu, a custom publishing company working with the higher education and K-12 markets and a part of the Scholarus learning portfolio of companies, and Lived Places Publishing, which specializes in readings exploring the intersection of social identity and place, have partnered to provide faculty with customizable collections of course readings that focus on bringing human experiences into the classroom.

Lived Places Publishing delivers course readings exploring the intersection of social identity and place.

Each college-level book in these curated collections focus on real human stories that enhance teaching of unique lived experiences of real people, written in a way to help educators introduce a topic and engage students through stories, multiple voices, and the experiences of people around the world.

Lived Places Publishing (LPP) specializes in interdisciplinary and subject-based collections in topics across academic curriculum – such as Black Studies, Gender Studies, Disability Studies, and Queer and LGBT+ Studies. LPP collections deliver thoughtful, concise course readings that help faculty illuminate the experience of social identity and the lived places we share. XanEdu combines that material in print or digital formats, with the flexibility to add, delete or re-mix content so faculty can customize and integrate with other materials to match course goals.

The initial collections offered via this new partnership include Black Women's Experiences, Black Family Experiences, Disability Studies, and Education Studies. These collections may be used as-is or customized with other books from the LPP catalog. Learn more about the collections and reach out for additional information at www.xanedu.com/lpp.


XanEdu, Inc. is a provider of educational content and curriculum services for K-12 and higher education. XanEdu spreads the knowledge of innovative content ideas by offering custom development and fulfillment services across K-12 and Higher Education. XanEdu partners with educators on each unique project to build and deliver engaging print and digital custom solutions and courseware content that addresses curriculum gaps and key initiatives for K-12 and Higher Education while maintaining our commitment to affordability and accessibility for all learners. XanEdu is part of the Scholarus Learning portfolio of companies headquartered in Livonia, MI. Visit www.xanedu.com or write HigherEd@xanedu.com to learn more.


Lived Places Publishing produces short (100- to 150-page) curriculum-ready course readings focused on the experience of social identity/identities in the context of place/location. Their books range from autobiographies to ethnographies, organized into a set of interdisciplinary collections. Each of their Collection Editors have deep experience as researchers and teachers in their area(s) of expertise. LPP books cover a wide range of topics, with the aim of delivering myriad human perspectives to bolster the contemporary curriculum. Each book is written with the advanced undergraduate student in mind, though many of their books are fit for a wider audience. LPP's library-friendly collection model aims to foster accessibility, affordability, and open access. Learn more at https://livedplacespublishing.com.