XanEdu expands iPad rollout to include test activity in over 50 classes this fall.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – October 20, 2010 – ANN ARBOR, MICH. – XanEdu, the leading faculty-preferred provider of CoursePacks and custom textbooks, has partnered with New York University Stern School of Business to conduct its first program-wide test of Apple iPads this fall. Instructors will use the XanEdu CoursePack Management System to publish materials that students will then be able to access on iPads.

Last month XanEdu announced its iPad CoursePack publishing program as part of the company’s strategic technology plan. XanEdu’s iPad app feature set will be driven by input from hundreds of students participating in XanEdu’s fall 2010 class tests.  Key features include digital note taking, collaboration tools and integration into popular learning management systems on campus.

“For over 10 years, XanEdu has developed its digital publishing products based on input and feedback from our customers,” said Tyler Steben, Vice President Custom Publishing, XanEdu Publishing, Inc.   “Broadening our iPad activities to include a larger number of classes at NYU Stern helps ensure that the XanEdu iPad app will provide the best experience possible for students.”

Students will be asked to provide feedback through usage logs, surveys and focus groups.

As part of its commitment to leveraging technology to enhance the learning environment, NYU Stern’s IT group was seeking new models that support its mission.  A recent survey conducted by the program revealed that roughly half of students use an iPad or iPhone, which made this new effort a strategic choice.

Kim Corfman, Vice Dean for MBA Programs, notes: “At NYU Stern we are focused on delivering the richest possible learning experience for students and giving them the opportunity to use technologies that have the potential to influence how business is conducted.  We are pleased to be part of a process that will not only give our students the benefits of easy access to course materials, online content, and digital note taking, but also further the greening initiatives underway at the school.”

“Our goal at NYU Stern is to stay ahead of the technology curve,” said Anand Padmanabhan, CIO of New York University Stern School of Business. “In reviewing all of the alternatives, we found XanEdu’s solution and methodology to be the most comprehensive.”

XanEdu pioneered the delivery of digital course packs in the classroom and offers an online content archive that provides faculty and course designers with a rich collection of multimedia resources, including thousands of book chapters, videos, case studies, and interactive experiences.  For years XanEdu has delivered its digital content to customers via a web system, and through integration with learning management systems.

“NYU Stern’s commitment to excellence is parallel to our core mission of providing exceptional products that enhance the teaching and learning experience,” said Dan Arbour, CEO of XanEdu Publishing, Inc. “We have a long history of digital course pack delivery, and iPads are the next evolution. NYU Stern leaders have the vision, knowledge and infrastructure to help us continue to pave the way in the market.”