FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – March 28, 2011 – ANN ARBOR, MICH. – XanEdu, the leading faculty-preferred provider of custom course materials and textbooks, announces the release of its new XanEdu iPad App version 1.5. Advanced collaboration features and search capabilities enable students to study smarter, save time and improve team collaboration. The new version is available now for free download in the App Store.

  • New features include:
  • Powerful new collaboration tools that allow students to share information with classmates or instructors, saving time and helping to better organize group projects;
  • Advanced search capabilities that mimic a web browser, enabling students to find key information faster, study more efficiently and create a personal learning archive for future reference;
  • Wireless printing of materials, highlights and notes via AirPrint on the iPad, offering students greater convenience and flexibility.

“We designed these new features to meet the specific needs and studying habits of higher education students,” says Tyler Steben, Vice President Custom Publishing, XanEdu Publishing, Inc. “Our goal is to advance the delivery of digital course materials by providing substantive and dynamic content on devices like the iPad which make students more mobile, more efficient and better engaged with their course materials.”

In a recent study conducted by XanEdu, 97% of Executive MBA and MBA students endorsed XanEdu’s approach to digital course materials. MBA student J.G. Ayodele commented: “I think XanEdu is cutting edge. I think XanEdu is innovative. I think XanEdu is a visionary in terms of seeing the future of education and the capability and potential for how education can be facilitated and delivered.”

Today’s mobile generation of students expect portability, interactivity and accessibility both inside and outside of the classroom. At the same time, educators are looking for ways to deliver more dynamic and engaging course materials using multi-media and the web. The XanEdu iPad App, included in the company’s Folio-X solution, was created to synthesize the needs of both students and educators. Instructors work with XanEdu to create dynamic content that is copyright compliant and then deliver it to students via the XanEdu iPad App. Over 35 colleges and universities are now using the solution.

Educators may request a price estimate for converting course materials for use in the XanEdu iPad App.