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xanedu-mobile-love-iconEvery learning & development professional wants to build a motivated, engaged, and high performing workforce within their organization. Training employees, and giving them the resources needed to succeed on this job goes a long way in making that possible.

Traditional corporate training uses training binders and in-person teaching to get the message across. Though this may still be effective, leaders in professional learning and development are looking for a more modern solution to engage and train employees.

XanEdu’s SharedBook platform allows you to take all the content you’ve created for your training binders, including PDFs, videos, and more, then easily import it into a corporate branded training solution that can be distributed to your workforce allowing users to choose whichever delivery method they prefer: web, mobile or print. SharedBook enables your learners the ability to easily access their materials when they have questions or problems to solve, from wherever they are.  Mobile content delivery is not only more enjoyable for today’s workforce, but it saves you money on rising shipping and printing costs.


Now more than ever it pays to upgrade your learning and development processes and training to stay ahead of the younger workforce who prefers to digest content (even corporate training content) at their leisure, and on their mobile devices. Plus with SharedBook, your employees will have access to search your learning and development materials to find what they need on the go. They won’t have to reference the dusty old training binder sitting in the corner of their office.


The SharedBook platform allows you to modernize your organizational training, without having to re-author all of your materials. SharedBook allows you to easily upload existing PDFs, Word docs, and videos directly to an eBook format, and delivers your content on a branded mobile app that your employees can view and digest from wherever they are.

If you are a learning and development professional looking to upgrade your training, please register for a product demo of SharedBook. See for yourself how awesome training can be for your organization.

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