Tomorrow's Learning Today

Upload. Remix. Distribute. Transform.

Delivering your current training materials to the point of work has never been easier.

Point-of-work access and engagement will drive tomorrow’s enterprise success. It’s time to trade in your cumbersome content management systems and binders for a simpler, more intuitive, and readily available solution.

With the Nimble platform from XanEdu, you can deliver training to your team at the point of need. Our solutions allow you to take existing training content and easily make it mobile ready, and user friendly while saving you time and money on printing and shipping materials.

Simply upload your existing learning resources to your secure, cloud-based library, assemble them into tailored collections for your learners, and then instantly distribute to their iOS or Android mobile devices, laptops or desktops. From there, track how your learners interact with your content, and measure their mastery using robust assessment tools.

It’s time to embrace simple solutions for tomorrow’s learning and transform your training with the XanEdu Nimble platform. Register for an upcoming webinar to see how easy it can be.

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Who We Serve

XanEdu’s Nimble Platform eliminates the learning curves, security concerns, and technical intimidation factors that hold companies back from delivering mobile learning to their associates.

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The demand for mobile learning content is evident everywhere. Differentiate your firm’s offerings with branded, feature-rich mobile content delivery that literally has your name on it.

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The content you create for your members is most valuable at the point of need. Use the XanEdu Nimble Platform to make your material mobile-ready and available on demand.

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Extend your content to new audiences without losing control or undertaking costly internal technology projects. The power of the XanEdu Nimble Platform can be yours today.

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The Nimble Platform – Easy and Immediate 

XanEdu’s Nimble Platform makes assembling, managing and distributing content easy and immediate. We call that Nimble.

Secure Digital/Mobile Delivery

Access content when and where it is needed, via native mobile apps or  web reader.  Nimble secures your content with complete digital rights management.



No Need to Re-Author

Simply upload your existing content. No need to re-author content that already exists.  Nimble lets you use your current authoring tools.

Content Remixing

Recombine your content assets to easily create new custom materials. Simply select items and then drag and drop into the desired order. Nimble generates a table of contents automatically.



Change Control

With Nimble, you are in control. When content needs to change, easily push changes to previously-distributed materials. Additionally, when employees terminate, pull content back.

Engaging User Experience

Nimble’s award-winning mobile experience includes highlighting, note taking, bookmarks, cross-device synchronization and content search.



Usage Analytics

Analytic reporting to help you understand how your content is being consumed.

Additional Features

Flexible Printing Options

Print locally, or via one of XanEdu’s printer partners.

Digital Asset Controls

Users are prevented from saving additional copies or sharing with unauthorized users.

Easily Integrated

Use our APIs to integrate with your existing LMS or other systems.

Permissions Management

Withdraw access to content when it is no longer needed.

Branded Mobile App

Your organization’s logo can be featured on the mobile app.