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Inspire Students to Make Change in Their Communities Through Civics Projects

iCivics has created student workbooks and a supporting teacher’s version as a “How-to-Guide” to seamlessly integrate civics projects into existing social studies classes. The workbook provides a step-by-step process to meet the new expectation in Massachusetts that all students in the eighth grade and high school will engage with student-led, non-partisan civics projects.

The iCivics workbook provides lessons and activities that guide students through each of the six stages of civics projects outlined in the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. In addition, it contains lessons that support learning of key content, vocabulary, and offers context for better understanding of important civics concepts. It also serves as a portfolio of student work by providing space for them to record their research, track their progress, and reflect on their accomplishments in written form.

Printed Workbooks and Teacher’s Guide

XanEdu is excited to be the print and distribution partner to iCivics—bringing you printed iCivics workbooks and the iCivics Teacher’s Guide.


Robust Teacher’s Guide Saves You Time

The teacher’s guide is designed to be flexible and includes all preview and lesson pages from the student edition, answers to activities, step-by-step lesson plans, plus suggested extension activities, teaching options, assessments, and more!

View iCivics alignment to the Standards for History and Social Science Practice (PS).

Product Availability and Pricing

The Student Workbook and Teacher's Guide are 8.5 x 11 with options for interior printing of black and white or color. Contact us now for pricing or with questions at 734-302-6512 x6512 or ordericivics@xanedu.com.


Item Page Count 1-9 (per unit) 10-19 (per unit) 20-29 (per unit) 30 300 600
Student Workbook (Black and White Interior) 134 $17.00 $14.50 $12.00 $235 $2,055 $3,720
Student Workbook (Color Interior) 134 $19.50 $17.00 $14.50 $285 $2,820 $5,290
Teacher Workbook (Black and White Interior) 164 $18.00 $15.50 $13.00 $210 $1,845 $3,310
Teacher Workbook (Color Interior) 164 $22.50 $20.00 $17.50 $250 $2,460 $4,560

Download a Sample Reader

Fill in the information below to download a sample that includes content from both a Workbook and Teacher Guide.

iSivics Students Edition Workbook cover

Questions? Contact Us

Read more about our partnership with iCivics. If you have questions about iCivics’ Workbooks and Teacher’s Guide, please call 734-302-6512 x6512 or email ordericivics@xanedu.com.