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XanEdu Announces new Business Suite for FlexEd Courseware Platform

Livonia , Michigan, August, 2022 -- XanEdu, a custom publishing company working with the K-12 and higher education markets, is excited to announce a new Business Suite of titles, including Economics and Statistics courses for their customizable FlexEd courseware platform.

XanEdu FlexEd delivers an affordable, complete courseware solution that enhances student outcomes in any learning environment. The platform compliments quality, peer reviewed OER content, such as OpenStax, to guide students through the course in an easy-to-follow learning path. With unique features such as case studies that can be added to a course and used as case-based learning, lesson assessments, and engaging video content, the new Business Suite promotes career readiness and inspires ethical approaches to the field of business and management. By centralizing real-world issues, students are empowered to apply their understanding through proven pedagogical methods.

“Having content that is developed by professors and experts in the business field not only engages students but strengthens their skill set as they pursue personal and professional career trajectories,” notes Beth Firenze, Higher Education Marketing Director, XanEdu. “Knowing that FlexEd courses are 80+% less expensive than alternatives means more students will have access to these new materials.”

The suite includes the following Business, Economics, and Statistics courses:

With the addition of 7 business, economic, and statistics titles, this new Suite further enhances the FlexEd platform, which contains a wide range of materials and activities that instructors can use to create their own courseware that match syllabi, instructional methods, and modalities.

Today, dozens of colleges and universities have adopted FlexEd to help deliver an affordable, complete courseware solution that enhances student outcomes in any learning environment. This new Suite aims to expand such collaboration.

More information can be found at www.xanedu.com/flexed and www.xanedu.com, or by contacting the XanEdu team at HigherEd@xanedu.com.


XanEdu FlexEd courseware is used by thousands of students across colleges and universities large and small. It is an effective mix of blended/hybrid and fully online settings. All courseware is editable and can be used with, or in place of, a traditional textbook – at a substantially lower cost – supporting affordability initiatives while improving engagement and student performance. This easy-to-use platform adapts in order to simplify learning for both instructors and students.


XanEdu has been increasing student engagement and enhancing learning outcomes since 1999 by delivering innovative solutions across the education spectrum. We are committed to advancing the education tools for tomorrow through innovative products and services that meet students' evolving learning styles. We incorporate cutting edge technology while maintaining our commitment to affordability and accessibility. XanEdu is a privately held company headquartered in Livonia, MI.

SOURCE: XanEdu Publishing, Inc.