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4 Easy Steps to Create a Coursepack

XanEdu makes creating your course materials quick and simple. The steps below summarize how to begin building your coursepack.

XanEdu’s publisher-neutral approach lets you combine content from virtually anywhere, including:

  • Journals and scholarly articles
  • Book chapters (including access to out-of-print materials)
  • Original or self-authored material
  • OER (open educational resources)
  • Business cases
  • Multimedia

Step 1

Provide XanEdu with a list of content you would like to include in your coursepack.

  • You provide the citation information (including page #’s) for each item to be included.
  • You provide XanEdu a hard copy of PDF of the content you want to include
  • Include chapters, articles, case-studies, etc.
  • Include your original materials, for which you may add a royalty
  • Request reproduction of out-of-print materials

Step 2

XanEdu’s dedicated copyright-clearance team will review your content, obtain permission costs, and relay the costs back to you.
  • XanEdu provides full copyright-clearance services
  • Permission fees are set by publishers or owners of the content
  • If fees are higher than you would like, you can eliminate or substitute content
  • 100% copyright compliance includes campus indemnification

Step 3

Choose how your course materials are distributed – in print or digital formats, or both.

  • Print – Includes table of contents, pagination, and bibliography. Finished binding options include: comb, spiral, tape, shrink-wrap, staple, or 3-hole punch. One or two-sided printing. Custom covers are available upon request.
  • Digital – Great for sustainability, or use with distance learning programs
  • Print + Digital – XanEdu’s most complete solution includes a print format with a unique code for students to access myXanEdu, our award-winning e-book with digital content delivery platform via the web

Step 4

Select a delivery option.

  • Course materials are delivered through your campus bookstore
  • Other distribution options may be available
  • Easy re-ordering


That's it! So easy...

Reach out to us to discuss you next project.

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