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Carbonless Lab Notebooks

Our low-cost, high-quality Student Laboratory Notebooks contain 50- or 100-count carbonless duplicate page sets, each sequentially numbered. The graph print quality is excellent on both the original and copy pages. A Table of Contents at the front of the Lab Notebook will help keep your lab notes organized.

Product overview: Download a digital sample

The first page of each carbonless set is white, and the second page is yellow - both are perforated. XanEdu Lab Notebooks are bound with a smooth high-quality coil, and includes a back cover flap fold over to prevent bleed through from lab to lab.  The Periodic Table of the Elements is printed inside the back cover for easy reference.

Bookstores and educators can place bulk quantity orders by emailing your PO# to cporders@xanedu.com.

More about XanEdu Carbonless Lab Notebooks:

  • 50 or 100 carbonless duplicate sets sequentially numbered
  • Table of contents
  • First page in set white, perforated
  • Second page in set yellow, perforated
  • Coil binding on left side
  • Glossy color front cover
  • Glossy color back cover that folds over to prevent bleed-through
  • Periodic Table of Elements printed on inside of back cover
  • 100% returns available
Questions? Contact your Account Executive or write us at HigherEd@xanedu.com