XanEdu Tablet App Tutorials

View a demo of the XanEdu iPad app. Learn about its innovative features that simplify student’s lives.



You can download the XanEdu iPad App for free in the iTunes store.




QuickStart Video Tutorials and More



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Setting Your Display Nickname



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Adding Course Materials to Your Library



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Adding Highlights and Notes



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Sharing and Collaboration



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Features and Benefits


Designed with Student Input

The XanEdu iPad app was designed with input from hundreds of MBA students across the country. Here are the key features and highlights that make the XanEdu iPad app the most innovative tool for digital viewing of course materials. XanEdu is committed to enhancing the student learning experience. If you have suggestions for future releases, please submit them here.


Key Features



Settings Tap this icon to access settings such as highlight color and label.


Library Tap this icon to return to the Library of Course Packs on your iPad.


Content Tap this icon to view the list of articles in your Course Pack. Select a title to navigate to the first page of the article.


Back If you have selected an internal exhibit or footnote while reading your Course Pack, and you wish to return to original location, tap this icon.


Font Size To change the font size of the Course Pack, tap on the small ‘A’ to decrease the font or the large ‘A’ to increase the font.


PDF Content To change the reading size of an article that is in PDF format, double tap or pinch to zoom to increase or decrease the size of the font.


Search Tap this icon in the Library Bookshelf view to search across all Course Packs and notes in your Library.Inside the Course Pack, this icon allows you to limit your search to the current Course Pack.


Notes Tap this icon to access your Course Pack notes, or to view all notes and highlights.