Using Local Primary Sources to Connect Students to Local History 

During this webinar, Connie Williams, a board certified teacher librarian, discusses how using local history as a jumping-off point for historical, geographical, and cultural investigations opens the door to student engagement and inspires further exploration. Through the lens of local news, images, oral histories, written histories, and artifacts, students can better put into context the issues that they see around them every day and learn to analyze their place in larger events.


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This webinar is for district and curriculum leaders and creators looking to connect students to the history in their own communities. 

This educational and lively webinar will help you identify:   

  • Primary and secondary sources
  • Great resources for local history content and
  • Effective ways to use them in the classroom

Be sure to read Connie's blog article about how to design lessons around great content using and inquiry-based approach. You can access her presentation slide deck here.

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