Teaching History From A New Perspective By Connecting To Community

During this webinar, Erin Conklin, K-12 Social Studies Supervisor for Duval County Public Schools, drew on her experience working with the XanEdu Curriculum Development team to create customized student books and e-books, which help teach state and local history from perspectives the students have not experienced before. She discusses how she incorporated primary and secondary sources, such as newspapers, interview transcripts, photographs, maps, census data, and other materials that aren’t always readily available to students.


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This webinar is for district and curriculum leaders and creators looking to connect students to the history embedded in their communities

 In this masterclass, you will learn how simple it is to:   

  • Infuse local and state history into your social studies curriculum
  • Make history feel personal for your students
  • Connect students to the history embedded in their communities
  • Reinvigorate students’ interest in social studies using custom curriculum materials that align to state standards and objectives

Be sure to read Erin's blog article about how authentic materials that reflect everyday life help to develop cultural competency.

About XanEdu

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