Decolonizing Teaching & Learning: Creating Truly Inclusive Learning Environments for All Students

Join Brian Knowles, Manager of the Office of African, African American, Latino, Holocaust, and Gender Studies for Palm Beach County Schools, to explore how schools fail students of color by marginalizing their cultures, experiences, perspectives, and histories, creating disengagement and the potential for despondent academic and life outcomes. Brian also will discuss pragmatic ways to establish systems where students of color are affirmed.


Decolonizing Teaching & Learning_ Creating Truly inclusive Learning Environments for All Students We

This webinar is for district and curriculum leaders and creators looking to enhance their diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. The webinar will identify opportunities where students of color can see themselves in the curriculum, and how to embed their cultural norms in the teaching and learning process. Brian will share sample lessons from his course entitled Exploring Hip Hop as Literature, which focuses on the diverse social, political, cultural and spiritual elements represented in Hip Hop culture through the analysis of rap music.   

You can access his presentation slide deck here.

Be sure to read Brian's blog article about how authentic materials that reflect everyday life help to develop cultural competency.

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