Please note: In order to be prepared for a possible future Continuous or Distance Learning environment, LDOE recommends purchasing one unit reader per student in order to smoothly transition to learning at home.

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XanEdu—Louisiana’s Exclusive Unit Reader Partner

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Our Partnership Saves You Work

XanEdu was selected by the LADOE because the Unit Readers consist of a wide range of publishers’ copyrighted material that require permission for use—XanEdu has taken care of all of that work for you!

Ensure Success

Purchasing the required Unit Readers (1:1) is the only way to ensure your school has the materials it needs to successfully teach the Louisiana Guidebook ELA Curriculum and maintain copyright compliance.

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XanEdu’s LADOE Vendor #310116627 Contract #4400017562

Louisiana Guidebook ELA Curriculum Ordering Steps

LADOE partners with several providers to deliver the complete Louisiana Guidebook ELA Curriculum.

Step 1

LearnZillion and Louisiana Department of Education

For Grades K-8: Start at LearnZillion to review, evaluate & determine which units you plan to implement.

For Grades 9-12: Start at Louisiana Curriculum Hub to review, evaluate & determine which units you plan to implement.

Step 2

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Step 2: Purchase Unit Readers from XanEdu—1 per student, for each unit you plan to implement.

XanEdu can also save you time and resources by printing and delivering Student Handouts.

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Step 3

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Step 3: American Reading Company (ARC) is the exclusively approved book distributor for Louisiana. Purchase bundled texts at ARC »

Note: The ARC texts do not include Unit Readers (see Step 2).

Products, Pricing and Sample Reader

Our Products and Pricing

XanEdu offers a full range of printed materials to support the Louisiana Guidebook ELA curriculum. In addition to the 2018 and 2020 Edition Unit Readers and Student Handouts, there are also Continuous Learning Guidebook Companions for distance learning situations, and Reference and Curriculum guides.

Get a Sample Unit Reader

ELA Guidebooks units are a coherent set of plans focused on real learning grounded in a collection of texts. Each text collection has a shared idea, and contains authentic texts and novels commonly celebrated by teachers and students. The Unit Reader contains the copyrighted texts required for the unit.

Order Unit Readers & Student Handouts

XanEdu’s LADOE Vendor #310116627 Contract #4400017562