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Our Partnership Saves You Work

XanEdu was selected by the LADOE because the Unit Readers consist of a wide range of publishers’ copyrighted material that require permission for use—XanEdu has taken care of all of that work for you!

Ensure Success

Purchasing the required Unit Readers (1:1) is the only way to ensure your school has the materials it needs to successfully teach the Louisiana Guidebook ELA Curriculum and maintain copyright compliance.

XanEdu's Contract Numbers

XanEdu’s LADOE Vendor #310116627 Contract #4400009723

Louisiana Guidebook ELA Curriculum Ordering Steps

LADOE partners with several providers to deliver the complete Louisiana Guidebook ELA Curriculum.

Step 1

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Step 1: Start at LearnZillion to review, evaluate & determine which units you plan to implement.

Non-copyrighted materials such as Lessons and Teacher Materials are available from LearnZillion »

Step 2

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Step 2: Purchase Unit Readers, 1 per student, for each unit you plan to implement.

XanEdu can also save you time and resources by printing and delivering Student Handouts.

View Price List » or Order Now »

Step 3

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Step 3: American Reading Company (ARC) is the exclusively approved book distributor for Louisiana. Purchase bundled texts at ARC »

Note: The ARC texts do not include Unit Readers (see Step 2).

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XanEdu’s LADOE Vendor #310116627 Contract #4400009723