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Close those curriculum gaps!

Educators can supplement their classroom lessons and fill gaps in core instruction with LessonLift Create from XanEdu.

LessonLift Create combines high-quality, curated content with tools that enable educators to augment and customize existing lessons to better meet the needs of their particular district, school, or classroom.

Educators will love being able to select vetted content, instantly build ebooks or print workbooks locally all with a few simple clicks!

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High-Quality Content

LessonLift Create’s collections of standards-aligned, ELA, Social Studies, and Science content support a vast array of classroom topics. Plus, the grade-appropriate, varied types of content are selected from hard-to-find primary source artifacts, with synopses and guiding questions created by our curriculum team.

In many cases, content is newly created so you likely won’t find them in your current materials. This unique content is ideal for:

  • Building background knowledge and promoting reading comprehension with thousands of text sets, images, and primary sources

  • Showcasing diverse and unheard perspectives, stories, and events.

  • Providing real-world and cross-curricular connections


Supplement Current Materials

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Critical Thinking


Showcase Diverse Perspectives

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Create Unlimited eBooks

LessonLift Create Collections

Some of the collections that educators and students will love:

Bud, Not Buddy

Novel Study: Grades 5-7

The Great Gatsby

Novel Study: Grades 6-12


Novel Study: Grades 6-12

Untold Stories of WWII

Grades 6-12

History of Communication

Grades 3-5

Overcoming Barriers to Voting: Past and Present

Grades 6-12

National Parks

Grades 3-5


Grades K-2

Stories Written Around the World

Grades K-2


Grades K-2

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