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Lift Your Curriculum to New Heights

Enhance your classroom materials with LessonLift - quick and easy customization at any scale. From LessonLift Create, a do-it-yourself library supplemental, classroom-ready content, to LessonLift Custom, client-driven projects led by our curriculum team, we help: 

  • Fill gaps left by traditional textbooks and/or new mandates
  • Address district-level goals and initiatives
  • Personalize learning, making it more relevant and meaningful
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LessonLift Custom

LessonLift Custom services put districts in the driver's seat. Our curriculum experts can handle any scale - from full course design to supplemental materials - to align with and enhance existing curricula. Our team works with curriculum leaders to identify the needs, budget, and timeline for a project and will manage the entire process.

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LessonLift Create

LessonLift Create is a do-it-yourself tool, that provides teachers with high quality, engaging content, instructional resources, and unique assets that complement and enhance what they are already teaching.  Learn more

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Find a Classroom-Ready Book

XanEdu also offers ready-made books you can select and, in certain cases, customize for your own classroom. Each is distributed by XanEdu and authored by faculty at institutions around the world. Explore our catalog

Interested in publishing your own custom book? We can help with that too. Use our contact form or send us an email to get started.

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Explore Our Resources

We’re delivering a better approach to K-12 education materials with CustomBook solutions. Explore our case studies, white papers, and webinars to learn more


XanEdu works with districts everywhere to help them deliver relevant, meaningful learning experiences through the creation of customized content that addresses curriculum gaps.

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LessonLift Custom: Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

LessonLift Custom is a complete suite of custom curriculum services.

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  • Content Development

    Our highly-qualified team works with you to develop the precise content you need to meet the needs of your students. Equipping them with carefully curated learning materials encourages them to fully engage with the content.

  • Copyright Permissions

    Curriculum materials often benefit from the inclusion of high-quality, copyrighted materials. Don’t worry about compliance—XanEdu manages the entire negotiation and approval process.

  • Design & Production

    Our Instructional Design team ensures that your curriculum is developed incorporating learning best practices. This means that your custom materials will not only be engaging and student-friendly, but created with standard instructional design approaches. Standard services like editing, copywriting, proofreading and scanning are also available.

  • Distribution

    With XanEdu, you have the option to distribute your custom materials in both print and secure digital formats. For print orders, our experienced fulfillment team will work with you to assure on time and on budget delivery.

  • Project Management

    XanEdu is committed to partnering with you to create engaging, budget-friendly materials. Your XanEdu project team manages each step and ensures you are updated continually throughout.

  • Key Resources

    Don’t go at it alone. Use our webinars, case studies, and more to learn more about copyrights, challenges our partners have overcome, and how to customize content.

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Solutions you can use off the shelf or customize to fit your needs

ELA Guidebooks from Louisiana Department of Education

ELA Guidebooks from Louisiana Department of Education

This English language arts curriculum for whole-class instruction was made by teachers for teachers. The guidebook units ensure all students can read, understand, and express their understanding of complex, grade-level texts.

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Odell Education High School Literacy Program

Odell Education High School Literacy Program

The Odell Education High School Literacy Program inspires creativity, builds knowledge, and enhances skills. Our instructional units empower students to pose questions, reflect, and evolve as independent thinkers and engaged participants. A Texas version is also available.

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Student Achievement Partners

Student Achievement Partners

This collection of text sets focuses on helping students build knowledge and vocabulary through a high volume of reading on a single topic.

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OpenStax™ High School Textbooks

OpenStax™ Textbooks

More than 30 free, peer-reviewed digital textbooks cover math, science, business, AP Biology, AP Physics, and more. Schools and districts can customize and distribute these textbooks, in print or digitally, at scale.

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Social Studies Cornerstones from District of Columbia Public Schools

Social Studies Cornerstones from District of Columbia Public Schools

This curated collection of high-quality tasks, along with resources to implement these tasks, engage students in the work of historians, geographers, economists, and political scientists.

Learn More

How We Make it Easy for Curriculum and Instruction Teams

  • Publisher-Neutral Freedom

    Publisher-Neutral Freedom

    Choose any content, any source, copyrighted or OER. Or better still, let our team of content experts partner with you to find, or author, the best sources to meet your project needs.

  • Scalable Distribution Options

    Scalable Distribution Options

    We make distribution easy and scalable at any size—local or national. In addition to our flexible purchasing and delivery options, you will benefit from our economies of scale on printing and shipping of workbooks and other curriculum materials.

  • Cost Control & Access

    Cost Control & Access

    Create a custom book for any budget—You approve the content selections as well as the print and/or digital production options.

  • Easy, Flexible Formats

    Easy, Flexible Formats

    Choose the best format for your students: print, digital, or both.

  • Worry-Free Copyrights & OER

    Worry-Free Copyrights & OER

    With your custom curriculum project, you’ll want to include high-quality, rigorous copyrighted resources. XanEdu manages the complete copyright licensing process to protect your school, district, or organization from risk.

  • More Relevance

    More Relevance

    Engage your students in more meaningful ways by providing up-to-date content on current events, regional or local content, or content aligned to your student demographics. With custom course creation, you can provide the optimal learning experience and revise it as your needs evolve.

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