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Please note: In order to be prepared for a possible future Continuous or Distance Learning environment, LDOE recommends purchasing one unit reader per student in order to smoothly transition to learning at home.

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XanEdu—Louisiana’s Exclusive Unit Reader Partner

In partnership with LDOE since 2016

  • Our Partnership Saves You Work

    XanEdu was selected by the Louisiana Department of Education because unit readers consist of a wide range of publishers’ copyrighted material that require permission for use. XanEdu has taken care of all of that work for you!

  • Ensure Success

    Purchasing the required unit readers (1:1) is the only way to ensure your school has the materials it needs to successfully teach the Louisiana Guidebook ELA curriculum and maintain copyright compliance.

  • XanEdu's Contract Numbers

    XanEdu’s LDOE Vendor #310116627 Contract #4400024361

Louisiana Guidebook ELA Curriculum Ordering Steps

Step 1


Step 1: For Grades K-12: Start at Louisiana Curriculum Hub to review, evaluate, and determine which units you plan to implement.

Step 2

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Step 2: Purchase unit readers from XanEdu—one per student—for each unit you plan to implement.

XanEdu can also save you time and resources by printing and delivering student handouts.

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Step 3

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Step 3: American Reading Company (ARC) is the exclusive approved book distributor for Louisiana. Purchase bundled texts at ARC. »

Note: The ARC texts do not include unit readers. (See Step 2.)

Our Products and Pricing

XanEdu offers a full range of printed materials to support the Louisiana Guidebook ELA curriculum. In addition to the Unit Readers, Student Handouts, and Teacher Guides there are also Continuous Learning Guidebook Companions for distance learning situations, and Reference and Curriculum guides.

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ELA Guidebook Hamilton Unit Reader

Digital Reader Experience

Our secure digital reader combines the key features and functionality of a traditional print book with the power and ease of a student-focused digital experience, to help you improve access and outcomes.

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Digital Reader on multiple devices

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Louisiana Schools ELA Guidebook Hamilton cover

Louisiana Guidebooks Support

Below, we’ve provided answers to some of the most frequently asked questions and additional support materials. If you have further questions, please reach out to Jessi Lamb at jlamb@xanedu.com.

What is included in a Unit Reader?

ALL Unit Readers include a wide range of publishers’ copyrighted content that requires permission for use such as original texts, book excerpts, photos, magazine articles, and newspaper articles. XanEdu ensures copyright compliance and appropriately manages royalties. They are printed in black and white with color covers. LDOE recommends purchasing one Unit Reader per student. To stay within copyright compliance, the Unit Readers should not be photocopied.

What is included in a Student Handout?

Student Handouts are available for grades 3-12 and can be downloaded for free. Student Handouts include graphic organizers, written exercises, vocabulary lists, activities, graphs, and charts to help students organize their thoughts on the lessons. They have minimal copyrighted content and are licensed to print or photocopy for the classroom. We provide them pre-printed with page numbers for convenience. LDOE recommends providing one copy per student. We also provide a small discount when the Unit Readers and Student Handouts are purchased together.

Do I have to purchase all five Units per grade level?

LDOE recommends implementing up to four units per grade in a school year. The choice and order of units is a local decision. Unit Readers for grades K-4 include all five units while grades 5-12 Units are purchased individually. You can find the ELA guidebooks unit progression here.

What's new in Guidebooks for the 2022-23 school year?

Grades 3, 4, 5 are newly updated in 2022. The pricing is now available and includes Student Handout and Teacher Resource Guide availability. 

How much do the Unit Readers and Student Handouts cost?

Pricing for the Unit Readers, Student Handouts, Teacher Resource Guides, and Continuous Learning Companions is provided on the Price List page. We provide a small discount when Unit Readers and Student Handouts are purchased together.

How do the Guidebooks address distance learning?

The LDOE has created Continuous Learning Guidebook Companions to help you implement Guidebooks in analog or low-tech learning situations. The availability schedule and the LDOE’s implementation guide can be found on the Price List page. The ELA Guidebooks Distance Learning Strong Start: Instructional Materials document can be found here.

Where do I purchase the Anchor Texts?

The Louisiana Department of Education partners with American Reading Company to provide affordable anchor text classroom bundles.

How do I access the most recent versions of ELA Guidebooks lessons?

To access the most recent versions of the grades 3-12 lessons, visit the LDOE’s curriculum hub. Grades K-2 can be accessed using the links below.


First Grade

Second Grade

What is the difference between Louisiana Department of Education’s Guidebooks and LearnZillion’s Guidebooks?

ELA Guidebooks Curriculum is a free open-source curriculum created by the Louisiana Department of Education. It was created by teachers for teachers to better support the diverse needs of Louisiana students. The curriculum is available on the Louisiana Curriculum Hub and includes lesson plans and complex and informational texts (text excerpts, poems, photos, and so forth) in addition to the required anchor texts (novels). Louisiana partners with XanEdu to provide affordable Unit Readers, Student Handouts, Teacher Companions, Teacher Resource Guides, and Continuous Learning Companions, and partners with American Reading Company to provide affordable anchor text bundles. LearnZillion Guidebooks is a subscription service that combines the LDOE’s ELA Guidebooks Curriculum with LearnZillions digital and print solutions.

What are my binding options?

The default binding for both the Unit Readers and Student Handouts is three-hole punched and individually shrink-wrapped. Districts are also able to combine Unit Readers and Student Handouts into one customized workbook. Your district chooses the unit(s), sequence, and binding. Contact Jessi Lamb to learn more about your options to create a perfect bound workbook with perforated sheets. (Alternate binding options are available).

Questions? Contact Us

If you have questions about the Unit Readers, please schedule a conversation or contact us using the form on our contact page.

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XanEdu’s LDOE Vendor #310116627 Contract #4400024361

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