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Integrates with Clever

The digital reader's integration with Clever allows students to launch XanEdu programs through the single sign on page. The process consists of five simple steps that provide quick, easy access to the students' "My Shelf" and the books you've made available to them.

My shelf

Navigating a Book 

  • Content can be viewed in a single pane or double pane window (like a print book).

  • Simple controls make it easy to page forward and back, swipe to scroll page content, or click to view each section.

  • The page slider helps you navigate and indicates where you are in the book. Drag the circular knob on the slider to move to a different page or section. 


Reader image 1 Reader image 1

Interacting With Content

• Students can zoom in on text and make the font larger, if necessary.

• Context for highlighted passages can be added to the notes section of the digital book.

• Highlighted text can be associated with a task - for example, pink highlighted content might appear on a test, while blue highlighted text indicates a question for students to consider.

• Notes and highlighted content can be shared so colleagues can view them in their browser or mobile app along-side their own notes, making group collaboration easier.


Reader image 3 Reader image 3

Contact us to discuss how XanEdu can help with Custom Course Materials 

Email us at k12@xanedu.com or call 1-888-212-3121