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XanEdu’s expert team of editors and designers, can help you tailor the perfect custom materials.

Executive Summary

Shelby County Schools needed rigorous, standards-based supplemental material for high school ELA classes. Their commitment to selecting high-quality instructional materials that meet the needs of their diverse population while ensuring rigor is what made them choose XanEdu and a customized curriculum solution (ELA Guidebooks).

The Power of Custom

No matter what the subject, we can help you produce a reader or textbook of which you and your school will be proud. We publish a range of book types: custom textbooks with both original and cited content, anthologies, original manuscripts, lab manuals, and more. You can submit your original work in print or digital format.

We’ll work closely with you to determine the sequencing and sectioning of material, cover design, type of binding, page size and formatting, and any other special custom touches that would make it more useable for your students. Whatever your requirements, our experienced professionals will provide design and production services to ensure that your finished reader or textbook meets your needs precisely. We can:

  • Copyedit and proofread content
  • Flow all content into a standard template
  • Research, obtain, and pay for all necessary permission clearances
  • Suggest public domain alternatives to minimize permission fees
  • Custom design a cover that reflects your institution, your program, or your course
  • Paginate the text and typeset the table of contents, title page, and acknowledgement page
  • Assign an ISBN and copyright the textbook in your or your school’s name

Format + Design

Format and design options allow you to create the best experience for your students and teachers.

During the curriculum review process, Shelby County Schools’ Department of Curriculum and Instruction began a quest to align the learning in high school English classrooms to the demands of shifting literacy instruction.

Format Readings to Convey Appropriate Experience
  • Provide historical context and authenticity by using original source format
  • Create consistency by converting disparate sources to a uniform format
Create a Dynamic, Engaging Experience
  • Add design elements to the cover and interior for your own unique look and feel
  • Brand the cover to your curriculum or district
  • Add color, note taking areas and other design elements

About XanEdu

XanEdu’s K-12 CustomBook Solutions makes education personalized and affordable by giving districts and states control to create materials tailored to the unique needs of their students, rather than asking students to adapt to a standard, off-the-shelf resource. Working with more than 1,200 education institutions nationally, XanEdu helps learners at all levels of education access high-quality, student-centered, innovative learning resources.

XanEdu's K-12 CustomBook Solutions

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“Not only is the custom organization of the units more impactful for student achievement, but the strategies used to unpack a text or create a piece of writing have helped our teachers improve their practice.”

“Teachers really like the printed materials. As an added bonus, providing resources in print helped to significantly cut down teachers’ time at the copy machine, allowing them to spend more time focused on what’s important.”

—Shelby County Curriculum and Instruction Team

According to Rebecca Kockler, Assistant Superintendent of Academic Content at the Louisiana Department of Education, “The Louisiana Department of Education designed Guidebooks to be practical and teacher-friendly. Our partnership with XanEdu allows us to make good on that commitment.”

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