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Writers’ Choices, Compact Edition 


Authors: Michael Kischner and Edith Wollin

Paperback: 226 pages

ISBN: 978-1-58390-142-7

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About the Book

This Compact Edition of Writers’ Choices: Grammar for Effective Writing retains the longer book’s approach to English syntax as something to delight in and experiment with. It does not include sentence diagramming. Brief, focused grammar explanations lead directly to rhetorical applications. Students practice using various syntactic structures in sentence combining, sentence composing, and combining sentences in the context of paragraphs. An answer key helps students check their work. Designed for college composition classes, the Compact Edition has also been used successfully in teacher education classes and developmental English classes.


About the Authors

Michael Kischner and Edith Wollin are both emeritus faculty of North Seattle College where they taught composition, literature, ESL, and advanced grammar for over thirty years.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: A Few Things to Get Started
Chapter 2: Modification
Chapter 3: Appositives
Chapter 4: Appositive Adjectives
Chapter 5: Compound Sentences
Chapter 6: Relative Clauses
Chapter 7: Noun Clauses
Chapter 8: Adverb Clauses
Chapter 9: Gerund Phrases
Chapter 10: Participle Phrases
Chapter 11:Infinitive Phrases
Chapter 12: Nominative Absolutes
Chapter 13: Coordination, Parallelism, and Balance
Glossary of Grammatical Terms
Appendix A: Common Surface Problems
Appendix B: Parts of Speech
Appendix C: Basic Sentence Patterns
Appendix D: Pronoun Chart
Answer Key