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Open Educational Resource (or OER) initiatives have become increasingly important as institutions seek to reduce student expenses on their course materials. XanEdu is delighted to introduce a new option for instructors who want to use OER in their courses – XanEdu FlexEd.

Easy to use. Easy to support. Easy to teach and learn.

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About XanEdu FlexEd

XanEdu FlexEd is a new way to deliver OER course materials to students. It is engaging, affordable, and easy-to-use; the XanEdu FlexEd platform typically replaces a textbook or eBook as well as an online homework manager. The XanEdu catalog includes a range of General Education courses, and the courses are fully customizable by the institution or the individual professor. As a premier OpenStax partner, XanEdu FlexEd is designed to enhance the OpenStax user experience.

What is XanEdu FlexEd?

  • Complete Course Materials – A complete course – built from applied social, motivational and adaptive learning research around how people learn
  • Engaging Video – 79% of students look for video when studying. XanEdu FlexEd includes high-quality video introductions supported by in-depth text, quizzes, activities, discussions and more.
  • Modular and Editable – Point and click editing. Incorporate slides, interactive spreadsheets, flashcards, video, ePub documents, assessments, Twitter feeds and more.
  • Real-Time Updates – A dynamic platform that allows you to incorporate and update materials in real-time.

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