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Course Materials

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myXanEdu is a digital platform for viewing, managing and interacting with your XanEdu course materials.  If your professor has chosen XanEdu, you’ll be able to:

  • Access your course materials from desktop computers, laptops, and tablets
  • Use both online and offline
  • Navigate easily through extensive materials using our quick links from a Table of Contents
  • Highlight, take notes and customize your study experience
  • Adjust the text size, margins, and highlighting preferences
  • Search course materials using key words or phrases
  • Watch professor-selected videos from directly within myXanEdu
  • Expand charts, pictures and graphics for better viewing
  • Sync between devices
  • Download enhanced PDFs to your desktop for offline access. The free download, Adobe Reader, will function as Adobe Professional, allowing highlighting and note taking within the PDF document.
  • Retain your course materials forever – no expiration


myXanEdu Includes

XanEdu Account – to manage course materials in one place. Sign up today.

Web Reader – best for desktop and laptop users.

iPad App – available for free in the App Store for iPad and iPad mini users.C6C724F4-F359-4998-B55A-A0CFA4269C33 (1)

Android App  – available for free in the Google Play Store.  See our list of Android compatible devices for the best experience.



Student Resources

View our student resources page for online help links and informational videos.

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"The myXanEdu app is for students whose institutions participate in the XanEdu Folio-X custom publishing service. Once students  download their course materials into the XanEdu app they can explore the great features this app offers."

- XanEdu Digital Courseware Solutions