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What You Can Expect from XanEdu

Tailored Materials

Tailored Materials

Tired of buying expensive textbooks when only a fraction of the material is used in class? We feel you. Instructors work with XanEdu to create materials that are exactly what is needed for their courses.



Because custom XanEdu materials are right-sized to your course, they will often be less expensive than conventional course materials.

Inspired Content

Inspired Content

Instructors also develop XanEdu materials because no mass-market textbook fits their teaching goals. Instructors who invest the time to build these materials often deliver extremely rewarding course experiences.

Mobile Delivery

Mobile Delivery

Leave your backpack at home. All of your digital XanEdu materials reside on your personal bookshelf and can be accessed via your iPad, Android tablet, or via a cloud reader for your laptop or desktop computer.

Materials tailored for your course & lifestyle are waiting for you.

Welcome to mobile learning with XanEdu.

Your XanEdu course materials have been designed by inspired educators to be affordable and exactly what you need for your course. Not a page more. Not a dime more. No one-size-fits-all books here.

If your XanEdu materials contain a digital access code, you will be able to search, annotate, highlight, and collaborate on the mobile device, laptop, or desktop of your choice. Learn on your terms, on your schedule. Enough talk. Let’s get started.

Tech College Gen Ed Materials See 39% Cost Reduction

MyXanEdu App

XanEdu Digital/Mobile Course Pack Features

Access content when and where you need it, via mobile apps or web reader.

Cross-Device Synchronization

Start reading on your tablet, and pick up where you left off on your laptop.




Highlight, take notes, and customize your study experience.

Online and Offline Access

Airplane mode? No problem. Your materials can be accessed anytime, anyplace, with or without internet access. 

Intuitive Online Tools



Easily share your notes in-context with other students.


Search your course materials using key words or phrases.




All of your XanEdu materials will reside on your personal bookshelf for easy access.

Perpetual Access

Search your course materials using key words or phrases. Retain your course materials forever – there is no expiration.