XanEdu’s instructor resources provide information about our service offerings and multi-faceted digital publishing platform.



Empowering EducatorsXanEdu Brochure – Empowering Educators

Overview of the services that XanEdu offers higher education faculty.




Definitive MBA Resources XanEdu Brochure – The Definitive MBA Resource

Learn how XanEdu can help you enhance your MBA program.




Copyright Compliant Materials Guide to Copyright Compliant Materials

Copyright guidelines for higher education.




NYU SternXanEdu Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers to our most frequently asked questions.





My XanEdu Overview 

Learn about XanEdu’s innovative cloud-based, digital learning platform for students, including the new and improved web reader.


iPad App Demo

View a demo of the XanEdu iPad app. Learn about its innovative features that simplify student’s lives.


Student Feedback on the XanEdu iPad App

Learn what students are saying about the XanEdu iPad app for higher education.


Client Stories


NYU SternNYU Stern Collaboration

XanEdu and NYU Stern worked together to develop our innovative iPad app that allows students to digitally access course materials