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Spa Management: An Introduction, Second Edition

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spa management second edition coverAuthors: Mary S. Wisnom and Lisa L. Capozio

Paperback: 270 pages

Print + e-Book access ISBN: 978-1-71149-356-5

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About the Book

New and improved! This second edition is updated with new resources and data about trends in the spa industry. Spa Management: An Introduction is a foundational manual for the instruction of running a spa and wellness business. The field of spa management has grown exponentially in the last decade, and professional training programs for it have as well. Authors Professor Mary Wisnom and Lisa Capozio are expert professionals and teachers in the field. This book provides instruction on the basics of the business, best practices for spa and wellness management, and offers a vision for how the field can grow. It covers the organization and business plan for a spa, facility operations and human resources, financial management, spa marketing and promotion, and discusses trends in the industry and its future. Also included is a helpful appendix with listings of spa management educational programs, books and journals, online resources, and professional associations.

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