Seven Studies of Life – The Process of Science

(Revised Fourth Edition)


Authors: D. Marvin Glick, Myra Mergler Niemeier, Nancy Aiello

Spiral coil binding: 208 pages

ISBN: 978-1-59399-597-3

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About the Book

Seven Studies of Life – The Process of Science is a laboratory manual which introduces biology students to the process of science within the constraints imposed by multiple lab sections that meet for fixed periods of time. This is the revised fourth edition of the lab manual which has been continually refined and revised over the last sixteen years based on exhaustive testing by thousands of laboratory students. The seven topics were selected as the authors believe those to be the most effectively taught in the laboratory, as opposed to a classroom setting. The primary goal of the lab manual is to help students think about the process of science and come to recognize its value as a practical approach to problem solving.

Study 1: What Is This Thing Called Science?
Study 2: The Microscopic World
Study 3: How Materials Enter And Leave Cells
Study 4: The Chemistry Of Life
Study 5: Cell Reproduction
Study 6: Inheritance In Fruit Flies
Study 7: Evolution Of Populations
Genetics Problems


About the Authors

The authors D. Marvin Glick, Myra Mergler Niemeier and Nancy C. Aiello teach at Northern Virginia Community College, Loudoun Campus