A President’s Perspective (e-book)

A unique digital textbook on Higher Education Administration


Dr. Jay Gogue (Immediate Past President of Auburn University)
with Gretchen M. Bataille (Former Senior Vice President of the American Council on Education) and Robert Moulton (Project Consultant)

Digital e-book: 11 chapters

ISBN: 978-1-50669-772-7  

Price: $81.25 suggested retail

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About the Book

A President’s Perspective, featuring Dr. Jay Gogue, immediate past president of Auburn University, offers practical insights into the challenges of the university presidency drawn from his long career in administration.

This digital textbook covers all the fundamental areas of higher education administration. In addition to Gogue’s observations, each chapter of the textbook also includes commentary from veteran administrators Gretchen Bataille and Robert Moulton, who served as consultants for the project.

Additional commentary from other high-level administrators at institutions across the country appears throughout the text.

A President’s Perspective is designed to serve as the principal text for higher education administration courses or as a supplementary source tailored to specific subject areas.

The first of its kind—this digital text is a practical guide to the realities of administration.

This e-book is designed to be used in whole or in part; faculty may choose individual chapters for their classes or even elements of the individual chapters. Elements of the text are easily adaptable for use in leadership programs and seminars as well. A President’s Perspective is a cost-effective learning tool and is priced well below the cost of a standard textbook.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Governance
Chapter 3: Faculty
Chapter 4: Town and Gown Relations
Chapter 5: Diversity
Chapter 6: Student Affairs
Chapter 7: Athletics
Chapter 8: Risk Compliance
Chapter 9: Governmental Relations
Chapter 10: Advancement
Chapter 11: Presidential Notes


About the Author

Dr. Jay Gogue is the featured lecturer in this e-book. Gogue was president of Auburn University from 2007 until his retirement in 2017. Before returning to his alma mater, he was president of the University of Houston and chancellor of the University of Houston system, and president of New Mexico State University. Earlier in his career as an administrator, he was vice president for research and vice president/vice provost for agriculture and natural resources at Clemson University and provost at Utah State University.

More about Dr. Gogue is found here.


More about A President’s Perspective

A President’s Perspective (e-book) is unlike any other resource in the field. Other respected higher education administrators have said this about A President’s Perspective:

“The overviews are excellent, and provide depth and perspective to the challenges university and college presidents face,” says Walt Gmelch, professor of organization and leadership at the University of San Francisco. “With the current dearth of material on the presidency, this is a welcomed addition and will be a critical resource for anyone seeking to become a president.”

“Aspiring and new presidents need experience, knowledge, and mentoring to be successful,” says Peter McPherson, president of the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities. “Dr. Gogue and his colleagues provide thoughtful insights on a wide range of core contemporary issues in higher education.”

“The strong case studies at the end of each chapter allow participants to integrate the knowledge they have learned,” says Mary Sias, director of the Millennium Leadership Initiative at the American Association of State Colleges and Universities. “Because the chapters and elements can be used independently, they also can help participants to bridge gaps in specific areas.”

A recent Auburn University media article about A President’s Perspective is found here.