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Coursepacks made simple...

A coursepack is a compilation of course materials put into one easy-to-access place for students. XanEdu’s coursepacks can act as a supplement to a textbook or as a replacement.

Our publisher-neutral approach lets you combine content from virtually anywhere including:

  • Journal and scholarly articles
  • Book chapters
  • Business cases
  • Multimedia
  • Original or self-authored material
  • OER 

4 Easy Steps to your perfect Coursepack

XanEdu makes creating your course materials quick and simple. The steps below summarize how to begin building your coursepack. XanEdu’s publisher-neutral approach lets you combine content from virtually anywhere.


Provide XanEdu with a list of content you would like to include in your coursepack.

You provide the citation information (including page numbers) for each item to be included.

  • You provide XanEdu a hard copy or PDF of the content you want to include.
  • Include chapters, articles, case studies, and so on.
  • Include your original materials for which you may add a royalty.
  • Request reproduction of out-of-print materials.

XanEdu’s dedicated copyright clearance team will review your content, obtain permission costs, and relay the costs back to you.

  • XanEdu provides full copyright clearance services.
  • Permission fees are set by publishers or owners of the content.
  • If fees are higher than you would like, you can eliminate or substitute content.
  • 100% copyright compliance includes campus indemnification.

Choose how your course materials are distributed—in print or digital formats, or both.

  • Print—Includes table of contents, pagination, and bibliography. Finished
  • binding options include comb, spiral, tape, shrink-wrap, staple, or three-hole punch. One or two-sided printing. Custom covers are available upon request.
  • Digital—Great for sustainability or use with distance learning programs.
  • Print + Digital—XanEdu’s most complete solution includes a print format with a unique code for students to access myXanEdu, our award-winning e-book with digital content delivery platform via the web.

Select a delivery option:

  • Course materials are delivered through your campus bookstore.
  • Other distribution options may be available.
  • Reordering is easy.

Available Formats

XanEdu’s coursepacks are available in almost any format so you can curate course materials and create a truly relevant learning experience. 

Print + Digital

XanEdu’s most complete solution includes a print format with a unique code to access myXanEdu, our award-winning digital content delivery platform with web, iPad, and Android apps.


Digital coursepacks are the perfect solution for going green or using distance learning programs.


The printed page will always be relevant. Our print solution Includes a table of contents, pagination, and a bibliography. 

Print production options include comb, spiral, tape, staple, three-hole punch, shrink-wrap binding, and one- or two-sided printing.

coursepacks-binding options-image


Custom covers and professor royalties are available upon request.

Prefer the DIY Approach?

We offer that too. With our best-in-class DIY platform for faculty, you can build a coursepack in minutes.

Comprehensive XanEdu Coursepack Services

  • Copyright clearance, including 100% indemnification for you and your customers
  • Content research and development
  • Editorial consulting
  • Document cleanup and scanning
  • Online e-commerce capabilities

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Let's Get Started

See how easy it is to create coursepacks with XanEdu. Contact us to learn more or to inquire about placing an order.

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