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Course Packs

Course PacksA course pack is a compilation of course materials put into one easy-to-access place for students. Course Packs can act as a supplement to a textbook or as a replacement.

Our publisher-neutral approach lets you combine content from virtually anywhere including:

  • Journal and scholarly articles
  • Book chapters
  • Business cases
  • Multimedia
  • Original or self-authored material
  • OER
  • and more!


Available Formats

Print + Digital – XanEdu’s most complete solution includes a print format with a unique code to access myXanEdu, our award-winning digital content delivery platform with web, iPad and Android apps.

Digital – Great for going green or use with distance learning programs.

Print – Includes a table of contents, pagination, and a bibliography.  Print production options include: comb, spiral, tape, staple, 3-hole punch, shrink wrap binding; and one or two-sided printing.

Custom covers and professor royalties are available upon request.


Prefer the DIY Approach?

We offer that, too. With our best-in-class DIY platform for faculty, you can build a course pack in minutes.


  • Copyright clearance, including 100% indemnification for you and your customers
  • Content research and development
  • Editorial consulting
  • Document clean up and scanning
  • Online e-commerce capabilities


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