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Publish Custom Textbooks

Our experienced editorial team can help you prepare and publish original material. You maintain complete control of your intellectual property.

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Custom Course Materials

XanEdu’s expert content development specialists can help you find low-cost, high-quality materials that align to your teaching objectives.

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Design A Lab Manual

Upgrade your current lab manual with professional design and publish it while maintaining your copyright.

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Create A Course Pack

Supplement your existing textbook with ancillary material or replace your text entirely with a lower-cost, tailored collection of readings.

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You’ve created a great course. Now make it the next great book.

Tomorrow’s education starts with inspired educators. XanEdu exists to support them.

XanEdu’s solutions are designed for time-challenged educators. We help you tailor course materials to your course, rather than tailoring your course to a traditional text.

The result? Improved education, lower students costs and great course evaluations.

Do you have original writing that you’d like to self-publish? XanEdu works with more than 1,000 higher education institutions, so we offer insights and advantages in the academic marketplace that consumer-oriented self-publishers simply cannot match. Best of all, you retain the copyright.

XanEdu produces leading edge course packs and lab manuals, too. Simply provide us a list of the articles you want to include in a course pack or discover new resources in our database of over 8 million chapters, articles, cases, and open education resources. We handle copyright, printing and other logistics for you so that you can focus on delivering tomorrow’s education today.

Keep Control, Avoid Expenses and Publish Your Book

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Services and Resources

Whether you need assistance preparing a book for publication, developing a custom textbook, or identifying new course resources, we have supportive services and intuitive tools to help.

8-Million-Item Library


Intuitive Online Tools

Intuitive Online Tools

Expert Editors



Content Development Specialists

Print & Mobile Delivery



Additional Features


A Complete Solution

Our comprehensive platform and service suite is designed to help you easily create and deliver affordable and enriching materials to students.


Content Remixing

Recombine your content assets to easily create new custom materials. Simply select items and drag and drop into the desired order. Nimble will generate a table of contents automatically. 


Usage Analytics

Access user-level reporting on content consumption.


Using Familiar Authoring Tools

Simply upload existing content from PDFs, Word documents, PowerPoints, HTML sites, videos, and other formats. No specialized authoring tools or technical skills are required.


Engaging User Experience

Our award-winning mobile experience includes highlighting, note taking, bookmarks, cross-device synchronization, and content-search.


LMS Integration

Your digital materials can be purchased from your bookstore and accessed by students via your Learning Management System.