Book a Consultation

XanEdu has been working with campus bookstores since 1999. We sincerely appreciate your business and have three levels of service to help you get what you need, when your students need it:

  1.  Dedicated Order Fulfillment team
    Email your PO to, or for help with placing bookstore and/or other bulk orders, fill out the form on the right, and we'll soon be in touch to assist.

  2.  Our team of Campus Bookstore Account Managers (with state-by-state territories) who can help you and your faculty members with product information, and consult with you for your specific campus and store needs. Contact us at 1-800-218-5971 ext. 8000 to be put in touch with your Account Executive who can help you with your unique campus needs.

  3.  A Customer Service team ready to help with returns, shipment tracking, and order processing questions. For returns information or order tracking, contact our support team on

But hey, like you, we are flexible - for sure, any of our team members can help you with any of your store's needs, or we'll get you to the right person who can help.

How can we help your store?

We can work with you to find a way to make it happen.

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"In addition to offering 100% returns, working with XanEdu means your campus bookstore remains the primary resource for course materials on campus."


For help with ordering, or other questions — fill out the form below, and hit the “Send Now” button.

"One of my professors put the wrong due date on a coursepack. We discovered this on Thursday, and the students were coming in on a Friday. In working with XanEdu, we were able to ‘save the day’ and get these printed on campus and ready for Friday sales. I appreciate XanEdu’s partnership and willingness to find a way to make things happen."

- Lisa Towns, bookstore manager, Boston College